20 Signs You’re Living In A Modern Day, Dystopian World

You wake up. Do your morning rituals. Scurry off to work. Go through the motions of your daily life. Go home. Sleep. Then do the same shtick again tomorrow.

You’ve already spent most of your youth trying to survive high school and getting a degree, only to realize that you’ll be paying off exorbitant student loans, looking for a job, finding a stable relationship, among other things, in your young adult life.

If this is what it means to be a grown-up, then you’re likely to find yourself doing most, if not all, of the following things listed below.

1. You’ll spend most of your hard-earned money to pay off the rent, credit card bills, and utilities each month.

2. It’s only Monday, but you can’t wait for the weekend to arrive so you can sleep in late.

3. People measure your success by the car you drive, how much money you have in your bank account, and how affluent your neighborhood is.

4. You want to be wealthy, but the money you make is only enough to make ends meet.

5. You don’t like your job and you hate your boss, but you put up with it because the career opportunities for art majors are scarce.

6. You secretly rely on Xanax to ward off stress, misery, and depression.

7. You don’t have the time or motivation to exercise or eat healthy because you’re too tired or it’s too expensive.

8. You try to fill the gaping void in your soul by shopping for more stuff you don’t really need.

9. You pass what little free time you have by binge-watching on Netflix, then feel sorry for yourself afterward.

10. You obsess over Bruce Jenner’s gender transition instead of thinking about ways to lessen your carbon footprint.

11. You blindly follow the path of consumerism because you think this helps in the growth and development of the national economy.

12. You couldn’t care less about the sh*tty things that happen and don’t bother to question why they happen because you think one person won’t be able to affect positive change.

13. You accept three-hour traffic jams, the toxic air, and city congestion as part of modern everyday living.

14. You still believe that politicians from either party can and will push for change because they care about the welfare of the masses.

15. You are easily alarmed by the next terror threat, health scare, crime wave, civilian uprising or natural calamities.

16. You are unaware of where the food you eat comes from and how it is being manufactured.

17. You completely trust and rely on mainstream media to keep you informed because they are unbiased and credible.

18. Sports events, celebrity gossip, and fashion trends are a welcome escape from your dismal and meaningless existence.

19. You’re very happy with your superior mobile reception and super fast internet connection because you live so close to a cell tower. Lucky you.

20. You can’t wait to fall in line early and get your hands on the latest mobile device.

Remember, there is more to life than slaving away at work and paying the bills. Find a deeper meaning in your life.

It’s your turn. What are some actionable steps you can take to get more out of life? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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