30 Awful Things That Need To Stay In 2014

1. Justin Bieber.

I don’t even understand why he’s still around. Can parents please tell their teenage daughters and sons that he’s an asshole, please stop buying his merchandise for them, and actually take a look at the absurd and unhealthy obsession they display on social media for him?

2. “Happy” by Pharrell.

Most overplayed song of ever.

3. People that are STILL trying to bring down or discredit Beyoncé.

They think they’re hurting her, when in fact they’re just putting her name on more people’s lips.

4. #AllLivesMatter.

As if #BlackLivesMatter suggests that anyone else’s life doesn’t matter, or matters less?

5. Catcalling.

It’s not a compliment. It’s not flattering. It’s not you being nice. It’s not a joke. It’s harassment and more than likely proof that you have either a tiny dick or the self-control of a small child.

6. Making stupid people famous.

The number of useless celebrities in America is too damn high.

7. Grindr.

Because there are more important things in the world than the pursuit of cock.

8. Buying into Nick Jonas’ gay baiting.

Spoiler alert: He’s straight and profiting off gay attention.

9. White rappers that love black culture but not black issues (read: Iggy Azalea).

People want to be black until it’s time to be black.

10. All of the Alexander Wang x H&M items.

It’s nothing but elitism. My sweater is better than your sweater because mine says WANG on it.

11. Kim Kardashian and the entire Kardashian clan.


12. People that update their every move on social media.

No one cares.

13. America’s obsession with iPhones.

There are much better phones. Like it’s a fact. People just want the iPhone because of its prestige and social value.

14. Shaming women when others leak their nudes online.

The same people that shame them are the first people Google searching the pictures.

15. Little troll boys, and grown troll men that harass and threaten females in gaming spaces (#GamerGate).

Can we all agree they’d be better off on their own island, secluded somewhere?

16. Obsessions with white boys on YouTube that don’t really do much other than look attractive and talk.

They’re cute… but what important things are they REALLY saying? Would you care if they weren’t cute?

17. Saying, “No offense but…”

Just be straightforward and insult the person if you’re going to insult them.

18. The ABC Network.

They paid Darren Wilson, a killer, six figures for his interview.

19. Emoji overusage.

Use your words. It’s not cute to constantly depend on little faces and expressions to get your thoughts across.

20. Feeding into online trolls.

If you ignore them they’ll go away. Trolls live off of reactions and outrage.

21. Ryan Murphy.

Between Glee and American Horror Story it’s clear that this man is only good at presenting human caricatures and going for shock value (i.e. sex and violence).

22. Mainstream transphobia.

If it’s not your brain or your genitalia, don’t worry about it.

23. People that say Obama hasn’t done anything.

Check the statistics and numbers and do some actual research beyond your TV.

24. Fraternities.

Do they really do much besides assault, drink, haze, and rape? It’s funny how we don’t hear nearly the same amount of controversies surrounding sororities (*sips tea*).

25. The Washington Redskins.

It’s 2014. Time to change your name or GTFO.

26. Reading YouTube comments.

Just don’t do it.

27. People that compare Ariana Grande to Mariah Carey.

Stop it. She’s been out for all of five minutes.

28. Big Brother.

It was forever ruined by the awful cast that the producers pulled together for BB16. It’s hard to be worse than a former cast of blatant racists, but they managed to do it.

29. Perez Hilton.

Refer to number 6.

30. Coffee addiction.

Maybe try getting some more sleeping and managing your time better…? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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