12 Reasons Your Breakup Is Actually A Blessing

GIRLS / Amazon.com
GIRLS / Amazon.com

1. Now you have much more time to focus on yourself.

And I’m not talking about the cliché, bullshitt-y kind of spending time with yourself, which only sounds good to people who are either perma-single or in a happy relationship (oh the irony). I mean seriously taking time to look at what you’re passionate about in life and doing something with it. We all have one life to live and nobody gets famous or gets far with their passions without lots of hard work, planning and risk-taking.

2. You have an opportunity to re-invent yourself.

And not only as a person that’s continuing on his or her journey, but as a person who is bigger, better, and stronger than the devastated and heartbroken person you were.

3. If the person was willing to break up with you, it’s better that it ended when it did.

Because where is the joy in building something up to only have it crumble back down on you? It’s like knowing you have to take a punch to the stomach; it’s going to hurt, and it’s just better to get it over with sooner rather than later.

4. No more having to coordinate meals.

You want to eat pizza? Go ahead. In the mood for Chinese food? Order away. There isn’t a second person that you have to come to an agreement with. Your taste buds alone get to make all of the decisions.

5. Less obligations.

It’s rare that one truly gets along with each and every single one of his or her partner’s friends and family members. Relish the fact that you no longer have an obligation to play nice with people you don’t want to.

6. You’ll no longer be plagued with the oftentimes unavoidable anxieties and paranoias that come with being in a relationship.

It can be hard for even the most confident young person to stay cool, calm and collected when their significant other goes to a party without them, or when their significant other constantly seems to be texting someone. You no longer have to think about that one friend of theirs who has always seemed a bit too friendly.

7. Although it’s obvious enough, you’ll have the chance to meet someone new.

If you’ve been through more than one breakup, you know how it can often feel like you’re losing the greatest person in the entire world. But then you date someone new, and now they seem like the best person in the world… and so on and so forth. Each wound feels like the worst, at the time, but it’s just because you’re stuck inside your little bubble of pain. When you find the best person for you, you’ll know it.

8. Now that you’re single, you’ll have more time to go on dates with your friends.

Set up some dinners, take a vacation, go to a spa. Even a late-night drive with the windows down, blasting your favorite songs, will feel great.

9. Finally you can unleash all of those shady jokes and insults you secretly accumulated throughout your relationship.

You no longer have to feel guilty venting about all of their annoying little habits and irksome opinions. It’s not mean if it’s the truth, right?

10. At least you won’t annoy your friends with all of your cheesy couple pictures and romantic status updates anymore!

They feel super sweet when you’re in the relationship, but sharing every moment between you and your loved one on social media is as unwanted as sentences that start with, “No offense but,…”

11. Break up songs are some of the best songs.

Take this opportunity to do some research, explore Pandora, and find those songs that’ll stick with you for life.

12. You can finally be selfish.

With one less person to buy presents for on holidays and birthdays, just think of the possibilities! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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