10 Complaints About Anal Sex

Hold onto your cheeks, and get ready for this one folks.

1. Let’s just get this first one out of the way…THE FEAR OF SHITTING!

There, I said it. When I have sex there is that voice in my head always panicking that I’m going to lose control of my bladder. One second things are sexy, and the next minute you and your partner are covered in feces. It would pretty much be the worst moment of both of your lives.

2. Anal sex is something that is really hard to talk about when you’re younger.

Young gay boys often don’t have people in their lives to turn to for accurate and reliable information on safe anal sex. Because it’s still such a taboo topic, many people don’t learn about it, let alone attempt it. This can leave kids without knowledge to ensure that they’re making healthy sexual choices.

3. When you’re having anal sex there is a pressure to make sure your bum is extra clean.

Nobody wants to smell a stinky butt or be reminded of the other functions of your back door.

4. Heteros can be really judgmental when it comes to anal sex.

I’ve had people try to read me for having butt sex, because they are so stuck on the fact that shit comes out of there. Sure, yes, poop comes out of there. It’s all about keeping clean. But you know what, vaginas aren’t exactly sparkly clean either. Blood and discharge exit via the vagina…All I’m saying is I wouldn’t be so quick to judge. Can’t we just all agree that all of our holes are dirty? (I won’t be mentioning poop anymore, I promise.)

5. If you’re on your back, it can be a real pain to keep your legs open.

A generous partner will hold them up for you and try to make sure that you’re comfortable. But even then you better hope you’re hella flexible, or it’s going to start getting painful. It’s even worse if you have to leave them dangling in the air or hold them up yourself. My personal rule is that if someone wants to enter me, the least they can do is hold my legs up.

6. Anal sex requires a lot of lube.

Sadly, the ass does not have the same magic powers that a vagina has. You need lube when you start, on both the giver and the receiver, and will sometimes have to re-apply if you’ve been going at it for a while and it starts to get dry. It’s annoying to have to make sure that lube is always within arms reach.

7. The sad truth is that not everyone hits the G Spot.

If your partner is too small, or not plowing the right way, you can often be left very unsatisfied. Unfortunately, there’s no map to the G Spot, so you just have to hope that your top is doing you right, and knows what they’re doing. It’s like a science, an art form.

8. It’s really difficult to be spontaneous with anal sex.

Unless you are spread as wide as Kim Kardashian there is going to need to be a decent amount of lube involved. Sure, you can use your mouths to lube it up, but if you need more once it’s in, then things can get messy.

9. While anal sex can bring great pleasure, it can also bring great pain.

It can take a bit of time to become comfortable with anal sex. If the bottom is not relaxed and/or not communicating, it can often increase the pain and make anal sex feel more like a chore than something to be enjoyed.

10. Gay politics are a huge nuisance when it comes to anal sex.

Lots of people proclaim themselves tops because there is a commonly held belief that the bottom is less of man. Can we just keep politics out of the bedroom and out my ass please? THANKS. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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