35 Things That Only A Real Friend Is Willing To Do

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion / Amazon.com
Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion / Amazon.com
You’re a real friend if you’re willing to…

1. Delete a photo that you look good in, because they don’t like how they look.

2. Call during a terrible date to give them a chance to escape.

3. Be a reference when they are applying for a job.

4. Treat them to breakfast/lunch/dinner without making them pay you back.

5. Jump into a Facebook comment war in their defense when people are ganging up on them, being rude, or getting aggressive.

6. Resist the urge to fall asleep, being a good co-pilot when they’re driving late at night.

7. Stay on the phone with them, when they’re upset, for as long as they need.

8. Volunteer to call and order food when they don’t feel like talking to anyone.

9. Read their exes and enemies to filth.

10. Hold their hair or rub their back when they’re puking.

11. Send them a text in the morning to make sure that they’re awake.

12. Chat up people they’re interested in to help reel them in.

13. Be polite and kind to their partner, even if you really don’t like them.

14. Leave notes around their room/dorm to give them an extra boost in their day.

15. Be honest and let them know when they’re looking like a mess.

16. Lower your emotional guard and truly share yourself with them.

17. Buy them little gifts, just because.

18. Give them the last piece of pizza.

19. Get to know their other friends (and play nice).

20. Dance with them in the club for as long as they want (even when your feet hurt and you’re tired).

21. Listen to their problems without forcing your opinion on them.

22. Wake up early to hang out, just so you can see them before your day gets started.

23. Push yourself to always make it to your plans with them on time.

24. Travel to see them if and when they move away.

25. Let them sleep in peace even when they’re snoring loudly.

26. Go to a concert with them to see one of their favorite performers, when you yourself aren’t a fan.

27. Make room for them whenever they need a place to stay.

28. Give them space when they ask for it.

29. Agree to disagree.

30. Cheer them on when they succeed, even when you might be envious.

31. Tell them to their face when they’re being a jerk.

32. You tell them about the things going on in your life before you tell Facebook or Twitter.

33. Let them take control of the radio.

34. Take on anyone who dares to crap talk or throw shade at them in your presence.

35. Be a godparent to one or more of their hypothetical children.

If you don’t do these things, it doesn’t mean you’re not a real friend. There’s no universal definition of true friendship, and I’m always open to other suggestions. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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