The Top 10 Moments of RuPaul’s Drag Race…So Far

1. Jinkx Monsoon vs. Detox.

This moment is not only one of the best moments of the series because of the queens’ stellar performances. Perhaps the best part about this lip sync is the story behind it. The final four experience was torturous for Jinkx Monsoon, who was the black sheep outside of the Rolaskatox clique, which was comprised of her competitors Roxxxy Andrews, Alaska, and Detox. Both the regular and Untucked version of this episode show the anger and hostility towards Jinkx from both Roxxxy and Detox, which she handles maturely and elegantly. She wasn’t the underdog, due to her success in the competition, but the three-against-one dynamic made her seem like one, which made it all the more satisfying when she broke the clique up permanently.

2. Tatiana Is Not The One.

Arguably season two’s fishiest queen, Tatiana showed early on in the competition that she was not the one to be played with. She quickly dismantles Tyra Sanchez’s attempt to play the role of America’s Sweetheart. She doesn’t lose her temper, nor does she raise her voice. The girl is stylish on the runway, and in an argument. This young queen took on anyone who stepped to her, including veterans Morgan McMichaels, and fan favorite, Raven (whom she made up with at the reunion).

3. The Sharon Needles & Phi Phi O’Hara Lip Sync.

This lip sync is one of the best in the series, because of the extreme build up between the two queens. The rivalry of these two queens began on day one, when Phi Phi (one of the meanest queens to date) stated in her confessional that Sharon Needles was the weakest in the competition, and that she’d probably be the first to go. And who can forget the “Go back to party city where you belong” showdown? Needless to say when these queens were forced to lip sync against each other, the tension was high and both queens were intent on sending the other home. Popular opinion is that Sharon won the lip sync, and I’d have to say I agree. I give Phi Phi credit for her charisma and energy, but queens can’t just be losing their wigs when they perform. Plus, she was just doing a little bit too much. Sharon’s lip-syncing was extraordinary, and her faces were striking and unforgettable. We’ll never know who truly won though…because William couldn’t just follow the rules. Why, William? Why?

4. Red For Filth.

I don’t know what’s better: Alaska’s hilarious commercial, or RuPaul’s infectious and unrestrained laughter. Alaska totally deserved to win this competition. I would absolutely buy her perfume, because she totally convinced me.

5. Back Rolls?

The shade throughout this argument is unmatched. Alyssa Edwards and Jade each throw some hard hits at one another throughout this fight. You think the ultimate insult has been thrown when Jade burns Alyssa on her shoulders, which she says should match her hips, even though they don’t. However, the best moment is, unsurprisingly to fans of the series, Alyssa’s utter shock and disbelief in the confessional at Jade’s accusations that she has back rolls.

6. Season 4’s Snatch Game.

This is my favorite version of the Snatch Game. I wanted to limit myself from picking more than one Snatch Game, so this one ended up on top. Chad Michaels as Cher alone is enough to top every other previous Snatch Game contestant. Fun fact: I easily convinced my grandmother that Chad Michaels was in fact Cher. That’s top quality drag. But Sharon Needles as Michelle Visage is hilarious too. She really committed, and had Ru cracking up after every answer. But the best joke of the game comes from William. Ru asks, “Fatty Patty is so fat, when she gets on the scales it says… blank?” William, as Jessica Simpson, responds by revealing a card with an arrow pointing to the plus-sized Latrice Royale as Aretha Franklin (skip to 3:16), who was sitting next to her. The reaction to the joke is hysterical. I honestly can still barely handle it. William’s ditzyness, and Latrice’s spot-on response make it truly a favorite of the series. For being frenemies, those two work really well together.

PS. We’re going to ignore the terrible queens in the front row. I’m looking at you Jiggly, Phi Phi, and Kenya.

7. Sharon Needles and the RuPacalypse.

This moment showed Sharon’s unique form of drag. Not only does she nail the theme of the runway significantly more than any of her competitors, but she truly shocks even RuPaul herself. And that’s saying something. What’s even better is that Phi Phi mercilessly mocked Sharon’s outfit prior to the runway, only to have Sharon win the very first competition of the season.

8. “Soft Core Porn.”

This lip sync escalated very quickly after Raja stripped down. The runway was probably steaming hot after their performance. Although Raja came out on top (pun intended) Carmen Carrera certainly did not hold anything back, and certainly deserves props for her boldness. On Raja’s end, this proved how strong she was, because she was able to hold the attention of the judges, despite her opponent being half naked.

9. The Beginning Featuring Alaska, Roxxy Andrews, and Jinkx Monsoon.

The whole song is addictive and inexplicably wonderful. As such, the video had to follow suit. The video is not outrageously memorable, but the queens look fabulous. But the best part of the video starts at 2:05. RuPaul throws books at the queens, and it makes me weak. Alaska’s reaction of, “JESUS,” and “WHAT THE,” are too funny. RuPaul’s grunt as she throws the book at Jinkx is too good. And RuPaul going, “You over here,” and throwing the book at Roxxxy is just too perfect. In fact, instead of reading my play-by-play, you should probably just watch the clip and judge for yourself.

10. “Water Off A Duck’s Back.”

Jinkx’s mantra is so empowering and beautiful. Essentially it shows that words mean only what you allow them to mean. This mantra got Jinkx through a season full of mean queens, and helped her remain the chipper, and shining star that she was. It’s such an amazing mantra that I’ve even adopted it myself.

What do you think are some of the best moments of the series? Did I get some right, or did I get it completely wrong? No tea no shade if I picked on one of your favorite queens. Comment below and let me know what you would have picked instead! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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