4 Tips To Fighting The Toughest Relationship Attention War (The One Between Your Girlfriend And Her Dog)


Any man who has ever dated a girl with a dog knows that on the day you make it official with her, you have then joined the war that has been going on for years. The war between man and dog, for your significant other’s affection. I’m here to tell you that I have discovered some helpful tips on making your battles with her little angel that much easier.

1. Match The Puppy’s Cuteness.

The first tip of gaining some leverage over her puppy is handling the most lethal weapon in our enemies arsenal: “match her puppy’s cuteness.” What do I mean by that? You know those moments when she’s deciding on if she wants to play with him and his chew toy or have a tickle fight with you. More often than not, all it takes is for her little hairy baby to pout or sniffle and you’ll be tickling yourself. Here’s what you do act cute just like himL if you’re relationship is based off of sarcastic humor do the most annoying sniffling and pouting until she laughs her way into your arms. And if you really want to rub Spike’s nose in your imitation cuteness, roll around next to him and imitate his shenanigans, make a funny mockery of your furry friend and laughter from the mockery will turn into attention from your boo.

2. Capitalize on all of his mistakes.

I’m not going to lie to you this can lead you down a dark and dirty road. Meaning its going to require you to do an annoying amount of task you don’t want to do like picking up or cleaning up any bathroom stains her cute ball of fur leaves behind for you. It may even require you to burn through a few dollars if her baby breaks anything or tears anything up that means a lot to her. Trust me if you replace what was damaged she’ll not only appreciate what you did for her baby but you will look like a generous hero. And trust me heroes always get their just do when it comes to spending quality alone time.

3. Genuinely act like you care about your lover’s pooch.

The third tip may be hard for you all that really have a dislike for your opponent, but it is required to competing for your lady’s heart. Genuinely try to like your lover’s doggy (even if he hates you). Yes it sounds crazy, but showing the same affection for her puppy that she does can strengthen the bond between you two more than you will ever know. It is even more well received if the dog hates you, because at least you are trying and showing you care about things that are important to her. And if Spike, To-To, Duke, or etc. shows hostility to all the love you’re trying to give it, then she will side with you in the end because at least you tried. So remember in those moments of weakness, when you just want to strangle her oh so sweet puppy when he bites you, that the best retaliation to hate is love because in the end it will be showered upon you once she sees how much you care.

4. Being great at all human things.

You can battle with her dog all day until you’re blue in the face, but at the end of the day there are certain things he can do with her (and get away with) that you can’t, simply because he’s a dog. So, do things only you can do to satisfy your lady. Take her shopping, actually show true interest in her days, and just in general, be there to talk to her about all things that she worries about. This advantage is key because your puppy counterpart can’t ask her “what’s wrong?”, so when you thrive at being the best human companion not only will she love you but her dog will then be forced to figure out how to deal with you because he won’t be able to get rid of you.

In conclusion, I want all of you brave soldiers to know that you will lose some battles but you have to keep fighting because winning the war can me imperative to winning your loved ones heart. And if that doesn’t keep you motivated to keep fighting, then you’re with the wrong person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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