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The 10 Best Films Of 2013

We were given half-baked franchise films, overblown biopics, and a consistent stream of duds. But beneath the vapid surface that cinema had to offer last year, there were some genuinely great films.

Disney Has Copyrighted Nostalgia

Is anyone else perturbed by the fact that a conglomerate founded by a bodiless Nazi-symapthizer owns just about every beloved character in the history of cinema? Okay, maybe just about every is an exaggeration.

All Men With Gelled Hair Are Nazis

Racism. Intrigue. Propaganda. Hitler was capable of many things and he wore his hair flat to his head, much like an emotional mid-2000s adolescent. Perhaps Nazi/alien communication did, indeed, occur as the 1937 UFO crash in Freiburg, Germany suggests.

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