Armor Is Built Without Meat Inside

Complaints that were vague and generalized (note: not racist) were looked at as acceptable in the mid-2000s. Now you have to be ultra specific about your complaints. You cannot say that you hate people who ride the bus without giving the exact row that they sit in and acknowledging that not all people who sit in that row are like the ones that you hate. You have to lock your hatred onto one specific subset of American culture like a predator drone ready to blow some motherfuckers up. But at the end of the day, is that really any better? It doesn’t decimate the feeling, it just centrals it and adds weight to the disdain for marketability.

Do you hate all Bronies or do the ones online just creep you out a little? Do all taxi drivers get on your nerves or did you just hate the smell of that fat fuck who deliberately drove you into midday traffic? We are flawed creatures with explosive feelings that subconsciously aspire to be non-violent sociopaths. Everything is feelings and only your feelings are the important feelings. Don’t watch Girls without criticism. Don’t Instagram a cheeseburger to your vegan followers. Don’t tweet about loving someone of your own gender, it might disgust your dad. If you read that novel you’re condoning sexism. If you don’t reblog this link then you’re calling for the death of all blind puppies.

There is no point to anything and you build your own reality. No statements apply universally from the beginning of time to the end of time and your entire world is subjective. Let it go. Let your ego go. You’re not as important as you think and that is supposed to be okay, so let it go. The amount of followers you have is not your existence. It is not your purpose to supply people who find blurbs from your brain mildly amusing with a series of mediocre sentences on a daily basis. Save it for something beneficial. The world does not need your cleverness, your intelligence, or your bitterness eighteen times a day in small streams. You only allow fleeting feelings of pride and hatred to fester by claiming small victories, so let it go. You’re better without it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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