6 Things High School Taught Me

1. If you hate your teacher, don’t let that stop you from learning. Just because they don’t know the info doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either. Your education is one of the few things you have control over. If you’re not leaning in class, read the book yourself, google the stuff, do whatever you have to do because if you decide to drop to the same lack of knowledge as your teacher, then you’re really not much better. And you know you’re better.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but don’t be afraid to try everything you can on your own first. Coming from a fellow introvert, google will probably be your best friend throughout high school. It knows almost everything hahaha. Plus, you’re the only one who really knows your own weaknesses and strengths. Sure it helps to work in groups sometimes, but no matter how close you are to someone, you know there is always at least one, deep weakness of yours that only you will admit to when you hit rock bottom. And you’re the only one that can figure out how to thrive off of that weakness and make it your strength.

3. Having guts will never fail you. Whether it’s actually answering a question in class, speaking out about your opinion, or telling a guy you like him, it’s all scary. But it always turns to your favor in the end. For one thing, it feels way better to be heard than to be hidden in the background. Another thing is you never know if someone will agree with what you have to say if you don’t say it.

4. Do what you love to do, and don’t ever be afraid to admit that you take joy in doing it. Even if some other people find it weird, you’re the one that’s having fun. SO EFF THEM.

5. People’s opinions will always have an effect on you. Whether you want it to or not, it’ll make you question yourself and the decisions you’ve made. But you are where you are, and regret it or not, there is no turning back. You just gotta learn that the only opinion that really matters is your own. Accept what other people think, get mad if you want. But don’t let it change what you think of yourself.

6. Everyone’s a little insecure about something. You think it goes away as you get older, but it really doesn’t because we actually are our worst critics. And the truth is, whatever it is you’re insecure about, there is definitely someone out there who wish they had that quality. The grass is never greener on the other side. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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