Thank You For Getting It

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Thank you, for getting it.

Thank you for loving me right smack dab where I am at.

Thank you for taping notes to the door and sending texts reminders… because I legit forget everything.

Thank you for snagging me for a long car ride and inquiring about my life.

Thank you for having soulful conversation with me, the conversations that matter.

Thank you for keeping up, FaceTiming many attempts, letting me crash in your home and remaining in our lives even when we are miles apart.

Thank you for the “did ya get your keys?!” as I’m swiping my stuff off my desk and rushing out the door.

Thank you for not staring at my upside down name tag for an hour long and instead of telling me in .5 seconds with a smile on your face, as you shake your head.

Thanks for looking eager to say “Hello!” when my messy and authentic hot mess of a self comes in to snag the last seat at a meeting.

Thank you for asking me how I genuinely am … and waiting five days to get a reply back because I missed your text or thought I pressed send.

Thank you for hearing my back to back, late night “bings” on your phone- notifying you that I was, once again, blowing up your phone…. because you know I just chilled down and can connect with you.

Thank you for inspiring me and checking in on my goals.

Thank you for not commenting on my dry shampooed hair and instead saying “girl you get your hair done?!” so I can answer you with “no, I washed it.”

Thank you for asking me how I am doing and than waiting on a response.

Thank you for supporting me and sending your fierce vibes my way, they are GREATLY appreciated as I try my best to bosslady my goals.

Thank you for keeping up with where my life is at and for inquiring on the activities and events that transpire within it.

Thank you for momming it up with me.

Thank you for giving me space to struggle and than giving me love when you recognize areas of growth blossoming from the struggle.

Thank you for canceling plans with me because we both need self-care.

Thank you for not only sharing what my growth may be but choosing to walk through it by me as I try to figure it out.

Thank you for taking boomerangs with me way too often because I think they are the best form of capturing life in its wild and dance like form.

Thank you for telling me to rock the fit and feel comfortable in my body.

Thank you for being real with me, sharing your life with me, speaking your truth to me and trusting me with your life.

Thank you for going to workout with me and embracing the shift of the sweat session when it ends up being us- talking about all things life, cracking up and catching up in the parking lot for hours due to closing the place right up.

Thank you for accepting the fact I legit only own black and have been rocking black nail polish all summer … and joke with me when I wear floral.

Thank you for seeing me struggle and allowing me to voice the hard parts of personal growth and self-discovery. You do this by listening, affirming me, and loving me instead of placing judgment.

Thank you for going on the trip & riding with windows down and loving all types of Spotify.

Thank you for letting me skip plans and cancel on a reg and not once get hot and bothered because you know the drill.

Thank you for loving my family and asking how my human is doing.

Thank you for being so freaking busy, just birthing a baby, a newlywed, having a new partner,getting a new job & have so much going on in your world … and still making time to check in on me (whoa).

Thank you for not telling the world what I convey to you.

Thank you for sending me encouragement when you see me in my element and doing what I love.

Thank you for asking me if I’ve written lately. The answer is yes.

Thank you for going to coffee with me, duh.

Thank you for checking in.

Thank you for telling me to swerve and make pit stops to follow my goals.

Thank you for finding me in community settings, crunching down next to my chair and catching me in the hall to talk truth and love and life with me.

Thank you for seeing me.

Thank you for allowing me to be fully me and not have to waiver in that, yet be fiercely loved in that.

Thank you for having my back, even when I do not even know it is being protected and cared for.

Thank you for listening, for your patience as I continue to grow, and for hearing my continuous and consistent verbalizing of the parts of my journey I have not fully sorted out.

Thank you for letting me be super hyped about things that fuel my fire even if it doesn’t fuel yours.

Thank you for randomly putting notes on my keyboard, a gift on my seat or a card in the mail.

Thank you for realizing sometimes life is straight up cray busy and know I still love you.

Thank you for showing me the beauty of relationships, of being authentic within them, and for being loved right where you’re at.

Thank you for being in my life.

YOU GET IT and for that….I am so grateful. TC mark


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