Be Brave And Let Yourself Slow Down

Daniel Monteiro / Unsplash

The fast-paced life is sometimes inescapable.

The deadlines.

The appointments.

The work grind.

The home life grind.

The mamma grind.

The spouse/partner grind.

The expectations grind.

The people pleasing grind,

The “gotta make this happen” grind,

The need to get “grounded” grind.

The spiritual grind.

The “need to live a healthy lifestyle” grind.

The need a new job grind.

The cycle of being around people you don’t want to be around grind.

The “I feel stuck” grind.

The need to confront someone for “ouch” moments but not wanting the ripple effect grind.

The I need to be heard yet always solely listen grind.

The I have too much on my schedule but doesn’t take anything off grind.

The I need time for myself grind.

The I am lonely so I will settle and interact with those who do not serve me grind.

The “I want so badly to heal” yet runs from discomfort from feelings grind.

The “I need to make time for me” grind.

The “why do they say that/do that?” grind.

The “trying to control everything ever and realizing you cant” grind.

The innate “its never enough” gotta do 50 thousand things grind.

The “self-love journey” grind.

You only have one life to live.

Your time is sacred and you need to be able to be fully present for every moment that you are honored to live.

You are worthy of living authentically and in all that you are.

Slow your roll, even if for a moment and take care of yourself and see the beauty in your pure existence, in your smallness in something so much larger than yourself.

Breathe in your personal magic. 

If we just go through the motions, we are not genuinely living and intentionally breathing in life.

Trust and lean into the time of rest.

Rest and rejuvenation will not cause you to lose your fight, your hard work ethic, your innate strength or your determination.

This will make you much more equipped to give it every inch of your being. 

Be brave and slow your roll. TC mark

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