3 Pro Tips On How To Talk With Women In Public

Crazy, Stupid, Love
Crazy, Stupid, Love

Talking to women can be a scary task. Especially while in a public situation. And we all know that women when in public are suddenly open to judgement, harassment and unwanted conversations, “compliments,” and attention. So here are a few ways to talk to women in public:

1. Stop and ask yourself if you would being doing or saying what you want to if she were a man.

I’m being serious here. Would you strike up a random convo with a lovely man on the train with his head phones while he was reading a book? No, probably not. So don’t do it to a woman. Even if you think she is pretty. How about, you see a woman wearing a short skirt in public, do you feel the need to call her a slut? I bet several of you would. Now, would you do that to a man if he were dressed “sexy?” No? Then let the woman be. Or you see a woman looking really amazing and you feel as though you should tell her you find her fuckable with a “compliment.” Would you do that to a particularly good looking man? Nope. So don’t do it to the lady. You can be intimidating, and she typically doesn’t want to hear it. Just remember that women, just because they are in a public space, don’t owe you a lick of time or attention. So if you are foolhardy enough to try these things out, don’t harass the woman for being a “bitch” for rejecting your advances. Speaking of which:

2. Don’t call a woman a “bitch,” “slut,” “cunt” etc.

That is some serious woman-hating language there. No woman wants to be called a name by a stranger (or her friends). She won’t give you her phone number? She isn’t a bitch. She has agency and you probably aren’t her type. No big deal. Adults can deal with that without name calling. She dares to leave the bar with someone other than you? She isn’t a slut. She has agency and you probably weren’t her type. And adult women can enjoy consensual, casual sex just as much as men and shouldn’t be judged for it. Sex is pretty cool. Let’s all just chill with the slut-shaming and start enjoying sex without all the lame guilt. Or ladies, you see a woman wearing a shirt that you have and it looks amazing on her. Is she a hoe? No. She just also happens to be pretty. There are lots of pretty girls. Get over it.

3. Be respectful.

Public spaces can be intimidating to a lot of women. If you absolutely need to talk to this woman, be respectful. Be kind. Don’t be perverse or over-zealous. If she acts like she doesn’t want to chat (turns her shoulders away, gives super short answers, keeps looking around or looking away, takes a few steps back) then leave her alone. Maybe even apologize for bothering her. It’s all pretty easy to talk to women. It really all boils down to making sure that what you are doing is how you would want to be treated. Golden rule and all, kids. Just because our parents told us that when we were little pricks who liked to hit the other kids, doesn’t mean we should stop following it just because we kinda, sorta grew up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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