5 Crucial Values You Should Never, Ever Mess With

In life, there are no rules on how you should be and what values you should abide by. Of course, as we grow, we have defined what is okay and what is not. However, there are these 5 values that you just don’t fuck with, because it is a basis of being a good human. These 5 values are what taints your reputation and cast you as a degenerate (okay, maybe not that extreme but you get my drift). You can be known to be tardy or lazy, but you certainly do not want to be known for these following.

1. Unfilial

Need I say more? Parents are perhaps the most important people in your life. There are some exceptional cases, but most of the time you do not doubt your parents’ love and the extent that they can sacrifice for you. It is estimated that it costs perhaps $500,000 to raise a kid to the age of 17, but including all the other miscellaneous spending and the rise in cost of living, parents are pretty darn amazing. Money aside, they go through turmoil and emotional burden when you were a baby, going through puberty and just the everyday nonsense. It really sickens me when I see adults not being respectful to their folks. If you cannot even treat someone so important to you with respect, what makes you think that you deserve any at all?

2. Stealing

I don’t know, but it is a big black taint on someone if I knew that he/she steals. This is not exclusively about physical goods or money; I am also referring to people stealing boyfriends/girlfriends, jobs or other intangible stuff. It shows how little you care about other people’s feelings and what you are capable of doing just for your own selfish wants. It applies to physical goods too, and how little self-control you have that you just want to get the thrill or the item you simply cannot afford. Big no-no.

3. Dishonesty

Cliché, but if a person can lie about certain things, I will always be afraid of them lying to me. I may be a little cynical. White lies are an exception though, but lying kind of shows how messed up you are that you cannot let people handle the truth about you. As much as it is bad, I do it sometimes too, and it is kind of hard to avoid. Maybe just keep it to the minimum and not lie about things that may harm other people.

4. Betrayal

I am sure this does not need much explanation, it applies to relationships, friendships, kinships, everything. Probably the worst of all, but I have not experienced too many betrayals to have great insights. Relationship wise, I have gone through it, and witnessed many instances. Pretty much a deal-breaker when it comes to potential mate or friendship, isn’t it? Doing something for their own benefit at the expense of other people’s feelings, and as much as we all know it is bad, many people are still doing it.

5. Selfish

It is putting you in front of everyone else. If you see someone constantly shifting the conversation to themselves and their problems, or making decisions that at the end of the day benefit themselves the most, you have a selfish friend. They have minimal care for people around them, and it may take time to spot these habits. Once you do, it is hard to ignore, and for me, I will always be extremely wary. Things like sharing a cab and asking to alight first so that you can pick up the cab money, or buying drinks at the bar and running to the toilet when the bill comes. The impression sticks with you, so just, don’t. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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