5 Comedians You Should Follow (And Root For) On Last Comic Standing

NBC’s Last Comic Standing: Season 8 premiered last week and here are the top 5 comedians you should follow and root for this season:

1. Rod Man


This guy is so funny and it looks extremely natural. His first set featured hilarious jokes about Drug Store Rewards program and long receipts that reminded him of doing taxes. His jokes about entering grocery stores as shoppers and leaving as employees had me in tears. He takes the ordinary and makes it into something hilarious, a true skill.

2. Erin Jackson


Erin is a fresh comedian with great poise, stage presence, and hilarious jokes about terrible dates and parents that text. She opened her set last week with a joke about her mom thinking “BTW” was Booker T. Washington. As I typed this punchline, I realized it doesn’t sound hilarious. However, combined with Erin’s facial expressions and delivery, it was golden. She’s a natural and one of my favorites now.

3. Jimmy Shubert


He has a ‘not-so-raunchy, you can share these jokes with your grandmother, Andrew Dice Clay’ feel about him and I loved his set. I thought the joke about a chicken omelet would be a let-down, but it was one of my favorites of the night. I keep thinking about it and internally laughing. He’s been around comedy for years, so I hope Last Comic Standing works out for him. I highly recommend checking out his set from the premiere.

4. Mark Normand


This guy’s set felt like he was already on a television show. I laughed a little too much when he talked about mopping a bathroom and literally being the “Caution: Floors Wet” sign. I liked that he hit on the dynamics of the invisible nature of certain positions. His comedy felt smart but not over-your-heard smart. He’s talented.

5. Joe Machi


I did not expect to like this guy because I judged a book by its cover. He opened his mouth and I still didn’t expect to like him. But, his off-beat quirks and strange look combined with his jokes made him really likeable by the end. He’s different, funny, and off, but I get it and I think he could sell out stand up shows. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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