16 Things About Life You Know Deep Down To Be True

image - Flickr / Bethan Phillips
image – Flickr / Bethan Phillips

1. In an office environment, you could get rid of 25% of the people there and the company would not miss a beat.

2. Girls get away with a lot of shit when they’re young. And when they begin to lose their looks, they grow up. Ugly girls grow up a lot faster than pretty girls.

3. In the United States, it’s better to be white in the majority of socioeconomically important situations. This is what minorities talk about when they talk about “white privilege”.

4. All heterosexual men have had at least one intensely sexual thought about every girl in his life who’s a 6 or above. 4 and above if she’s in his life a lot.

5. Everybody wants something from somebody. Every relationship has a price attached to it. It doesn’t have to be denominated in dollars, but oftentimes money is a huge component of the price.

6. It’s common for a 6 to bag a 9 for one night. But 9s don’t marry 6s. This applies equally for both men and women.

7. It’s impossible for society to separate a woman’s physical appearance from her other qualities. Most men get judged by society almost exclusively on their practical qualities.

8. Being nice to somebody is worth approximately zero in terms of relationship value.

9. You’d grieve more deeply for the death of your dog or cat than you would for the lives of millions of Uzbekistanis.

10. People will choose practicality over ideology 99.9% of the time in situations when real shit is at stake. You’ll be hard pressed to find an environmentalist if the cost of electricity was 1 dollar per kWh.

11. Men need excuses to hang out with each other. A lot of the times, that excuse is watching other men play sports.

12. In the vast majority of circumstances, the difference between a poor person and a rich person is their parents.

13. Every action a person makes is selfish in some way. There is no such thing as a purely altruistic act.

14. From the individual perspective, voting is a complete waste of time.

15. You’re reading Thought Catalog because you’ve subconsciously decided that it’s the best use of your time.

16. Nitpicking any one of these points in the comments below means you know it’s true and you want to deceive others. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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