I’ll Save You Only If I Can Have Your Body

Greta PPP
Greta PPP

I wonder if I could whisper through the dirt, rocks, worms and wood.
My face in the green blades and my back to the blue.
Tell me tell you a story.
Listening so sorry.

I can’t hug you because I’m above and you’re below.
A shovel I could use the sweat.

I’ll dig you out and you can pull me out They won’t notice.
They are too busy to see your worms They won’t notice.
They are too busy to notice my seat They won’t notice.

But when you decide to come back.
and you will.
Snuggle into another cause this one is mine.
And you’ve kept it warm for me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Javier Sandoval was born in Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert before immigrating to Wisconsin (where his mother, Estela, sent him to kindergarten each day in a cowboy hat).

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