She May Have Been Out Of My League, But I Always Knew We Were Destined To Be Together

A couple months later, Mr and Mrs. Norwell became reality. I think we both just wanted nothing more than to settle into our life together, and that’s what we did. Our wedding was very small and quiet but absolutely exquisite.

After the wedding, of course I was going to treat my lady to the finest honeymoon possible. Hawaii was her favourite place in the world so that’s where we went… and currently are at. We took my private jet to an extremely secluded, luxury mountain cabin resort on Mount Kualalai. Just me and my girl, shielded off from the rest of this cruel world that’s just full of too many distresses.

We just finished making love. It’s honestly so incredibly breathtaking here. Kate and I are even thinking of eventually just moving here! Man, I could lay tirelessly with her here forever. I don’t know what I’m going to do about the decay, though. I just hate the smell of it. But for now, I’m not worried about that. For now, I just want to keep taking in this view of sparkling mist falling over the lush, emerald-green mountain. I turn over to face my lovely Kate. I kiss her cold, pulseless lips and gaze into her vacant, unblinking eyes.

“I love you more.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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