She May Have Been Out Of My League, But I Always Knew We Were Destined To Be Together

I saved up and moved out of my parents house into a cozy downtown penthouse. One of my good buddies and I got great idea for a piece of software one day and put a bit of money into it to get it developed. I know how, or why, but it boomed and took off. We made abut 500K each from it. We pooled it into starting up our own software engineering company. It grew exponentially and became worth 50 million in three years. Luck was finally on my side. I’d lost Kaitlyn but gained the world. A part of me, however, still wondered how she was doing. Money doesn’t buy happiness – it can sure get you close, but I still felt a void. There still sat a block of ice in the pit of my stomach that only love, Kaitlyn, could melt.

She called me late one night, about five years after she left me.

“E-Evan… I-I need y-you..” she bawled.


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