She May Have Been Out Of My League, But I Always Knew We Were Destined To Be Together

I’m not the best looking guy, but I have a brain and a hell of a personality. It was natural for her to be a little bit interested in me and my witty humour and light-hearted charm… though it was nowhere close to how much I desired her. Not only did I want to fuck her senseless, I wanted to get to know her, to see if there was more to the goddess sitting before me. She had me from the start.

I worked up the courage to ask her to study with me for our midterm. Slowly, I inched my way up to getting coffee after class, then casual lunch dates… then eventually dinner and a movie. Pretty slick, I think.

I could tell she was into me, and I was absolutely bewitched by her. About five months later, I asked her to be my girl. She said yes.

We were a pretty happy-go-lucky couple but Kate definitely held the power in the relationship. It was obvious to anyone that saw us together that she was too good for me. But still, I couldn’t help but adore and worship her. I think it was because of my undying willingness to keep her warm, even if it meant burning myself, that she even stayed with me. I was addicted and she loved it. The connection between us was as strong as steel, and the sex, even better. We were nothing short of perfect in my eyes.


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