Something Bizarre Was Happening To My Daughter, So I Secretly Installed A Camera In Her Room…

“I AM YOUR MOTHER, AND I SAID DO IT!… DO IT!!!” the demon snarled. Kelly trembled, and slowly reached over to the drawer in her night table and pulled it open. She took out a large kitchen knife.

“N-not tonight, please, Ava, not yet. W-w-why can’t we listen to Victoria to-today?” Kelly was bawling at this point.

“Ava, you can’t make her do this. We’ll die, too.” the child, who I assumed to be Victoria, reasoned.

“SHUT UP, TORI! Ava made you into who you are, Kelly, she gave you friends, love, something your bitch mother never had, never gave you.” Mandy chimed in.

“Listen to Mandy and I, you little cunt, your mother is useless, and you will be, too, if you don’t do this,” Avalyn bellowed. My posture was terrible and I stood eerily slouched over while I was taking Avalyn’s form. I realized how odd it was to myself systematically exude these three distinct personalities, so unreal. “She’s put up cameras all over your room, and is probably watching you right now. See, she doesn’t care about you, she doesn’t care about anyone. She wants to make you sad just like she is. Stand up and come here, girl. Hold the knife to my heart.”

“P-please A-ava…” Kelly took the knife closer to my chest and I took it in my hand and slowly helped pull it closer. Suddenly, my body language shifted and I stood up straight, alert. I pushed Kelly back and snatched the knife from her hand.

“Kelly, get back into bed, I’m going to hold them off for tonight. Close your eyes and don’t get up. GO!” Victoria yelled urgently but firmly. I sighed a bewildered breath of relief watching the video. My daughter had almost killed me, or rather, I had almost killed myself.

I turned around to face the hidden camera and slowly approached it, my face now more visible. It was the expression of a frightened child. I’d seen that look before… decades ago, in a mirror, during the first of countless nights that my parents ever hurt me.



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