Something Bizarre Was Happening To My Daughter, So I Secretly Installed A Camera In Her Room…

“Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

The figure emanated three tones, a separate voice with each “wake up”! My heart nearly stopped, and it felt as the warmth was being sucked from my body; there had been someone inside my house every single night. Mixed emotions filled my head… so my daughter wasn’t hallucinating? But then who, or what, was this… thing? It had three distinct voices… the first one was sweet and high-pitched, like that of a small child, the second – soft-spoken but firm, like a middle-aged woman, and the third – deep, raspy, almost demonic.

The nightlight across from the door by Kelly’s bed was on; the only source of light in the frame. The figure started moving towards it. I was too terrified to get a clearer glimpse of its face, but I knew I had to, and I knew I was about to.

Kelly rustled around in her bedsheets, “You guys are here!” she whispered excitedly. She sat up.

The figure inched closer to the nightlight… my heart felt like it was about to pop out of my chest. I clenched my fists. Slowly, its face became more illuminated… It was… me. In that moment, it felt like I had slipped into a strange dream, or more rather, a nightmare. Have you ever seen something that you literally can’t believe? Something that’s near impossible to rationalize? I felt the blood drain from my head, my jaw sunk down in incredulity, but my eyes stayed wide open, fixed on the figure, in a petrified trance. It was me…and I was speaking in three different voices — I hadn’t an inkling of a clue about how or why. Was I sleepwalking?… I just stood there, right beside my daughter’s bed.

The childlike voice spoke, “Kelly! Don’t -”

The woman’s voice swiftly cut the child off, “Are you ready, Kelly?” she asked eagerly.

“But, Mandy, it’s my mom… I don’t want to. I can’t…” Kelly started to sob.

“You foolish, little bitch, have I still not toughened you up with everything I’ve taught you yet? All these things I’ve taught you?! All my tests that you’ve passed.” the demonic voice pierced through the night.

“Don’t do it, Kelly, don’t listen to her! Avalyn wants to hurt you.” the child said worriedly. Kelly started to weep louder. My poor, sweet little angel…



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