Something Bizarre Was Happening To My Daughter, So I Secretly Installed A Camera In Her Room…

“Ms. Zhang, because of my concern for Kelly, I’m calling to let you know in advance that you’ll be getting a phone call from the vice principal today. Kelly’s likely being expelled.”

“What?!” I felt a surge of anger and heartbreak pulse through me.

“I’m sure you remember our talk about her imaginary friends, and the fact that they can sometimes dictate her behaviour. Ms. Zhang…today we found the missing class frog, half alive, in her desk, killed apparently by multiple pencil stabs. It had been tortured and died shortly after we found it. This, combined with her previous antics against Ms. Merton, has left us with no choice but to let her go. This is not normal, 7-year-old behaviour and we recommend you arrange more extensive help for her.”

“Alright… thank you.” I hung up, lost for words. There was nothing I really could say.

She killed a frog, taken an innocent life. I didn’t raise her for this. I had heard of psycho killers drawn to murder because of malicious voices they heard in their heads, and I was becoming more and more convinced that something along the lines of this was the case with her.

I took her to Dr. Delio again the next day and told him what happened. I could tell he also became increasingly concerned.

“Her behaviour is definitely unnatural, Ms. Zhang.” He told me frankly, “She’s not making these friends up; they are real, but only to her. A more in-depth analysis of Kelly today has allowed me to determine that she’s likely suffering from psychosis, which explains the hallucinations, irrationality and continuous social withdrawal. I’m going to prescribe some medicine for her that she’ll have to take twice a day, everyday. I’m going to schedule a follow-up with Kelly in about 2 weeks.”

Finally, I felt like some progress had been made. I wasn’t exactly ecstatic about keeping my daughter drugged, but I was praying it would help. It only got worse from then on.



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