Something Bizarre Was Happening To My Daughter, So I Secretly Installed A Camera In Her Room…

“So maybe you shouldn’t be friends with these girls.”

“But they’re nice to me and play with me at home, they’re my friends.”

“Ok, I’m not mad this time but, honey, next time they ask you to do something that you know is not right, you say no and don’t let anyone boss you around, okay?”

“Ok, momma.”

I’m a cautious person by nature and although I had already talked to her, something still didn’t feel right. But things were quiet for the next couple of weeks, until the week of Christmas when we went to church.

An outraged mother angrily approached me holding her trembling son in one arm and Kelly’s arm in the other.

“Are you aware that your daughter kept my locked my son in the janitor’s closet with the lights off for 2 hours? He is terrified of the dark. What kind of mother are you?!” She swiftly let go of Kelly and stormed off.

Embarrassed, I raised my voice,

“Kelly, what is the matter with you?! We’re at church, why would you do something like this to another person?”

“Ava and Mandy told me it would be a funny prank!” she smiled.

I was flabbergasted at this point, I thought the problem was long resolved but she brought them up again. Imaginary friends are one thing but imaginary friends that influence you to commit malicious deeds are another. No longer was I going to excuse her behaviour an innocent mistakes. The words “hallucinations” and “schizophrenia” started coming to mind. I took her to a psychiatrist the next day.
Dr. Delio asked her a series of questions, first with me present then with her isolated. He concluded that they were indeed just imaginary friends and that she was not schizophrenic. However, his inference did not entirely bestow the relief in me that I so badly desired. I was sure that he had missed something.

Winter break passed and her behaviour was at a stasis; all was peaceful. About 3 weeks later, just before Valentines’ day, Ava, Mandy and Victoria’s influence reappeared. The next thing she did got her expelled from her school.

I got another call from Mrs. Telson.



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