It Felt Like An Ordinary Sleepover, But I Never Imagined Anything Horrifying Like This Happening

“So you don’t remember anything that hap—” she had unwrapped the cloth off only about a quarter of my head before she gasped and recoiled with sheer horror painted across her face.

“W-w-what’s wrong?!” I whimpered.

The lady covered her mouth with her wrinkled hands and pointed at the side of my head. In a state of panic, I pulled myself up to look in the rearview mirror. My exposed head was patterned with streaks of red and pink. A swarm of little ivory maggots feasted on the glistening, raw flesh that burned excruciatingly upon touch. My hair, completely gone. I had been scalped.

I almost fell unconscious from the shock and terror until I noticed a red gash deeper down the side of my head. I struggled to pull the cloth back more… And then I saw it. At that point, the shock of the discovery outweighed my threshold for pain. I had to see the rest to confirm my suspicion. I ripped the rest of the cloth off my head to face reality in full. Hot drips of crimson blood ran down my face, into my mouth, all over my clothes and onto the seat. The lady screamed loud enough that it caused Jim to swerve suddenly and pull over. He, too, looked back and let out a frightful cry.

Myra, that bitch.She’d taken all of my hair, and both of my ears.

The subtle rustling of the maggots continued.


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