My Mother Gave Me A Suitcase


My mother gave me a suitcase

and she filled it with dreams

birds on an electric wire

sea gulls flying against moonbeams

eclipses wrapped in sweet nothings

a Tsumani bundled in a camisole

a scented silk scarf- triangle of Bermuda

Elysian flowers for my hennaed hair

a georgette wrap in turquoise orchestra

satin nights decked in diamond glare

a mauve silken pouch full of shadows

dancing on the edge of frozen ice

smoky pencils for my waterproof eyes

an ivory comb stood entangled, alone

a solitaire twinkled in its abysmal throne

October nights, glittering galaxies

My mother gave me a suitcase

she forgot to put in it-

The mournful rendezvous of miseries

The sound of olive branches snapping

The click of a dagger beneath a tunic

The smell of burning ashes

The rot of festering gashes

The footsteps of drowning spring

The flames of quest, rising in panic

My mother gave me a suitcase

she forgot to put in it-

A chisel, a hammer, a stone

A club, an axe, a knife,

A dress of starless black silk

The hiss of a viper

The infinite emptiness of life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

A punctuation between your sighs.

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