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Henry Rollins Comes Out Strongly Against Hipsters

In a Lower East Side record store, Henry Rollins regurgitated just about every hipster stereotype propagated by the anti-hipster blogger camp, first to a woman that was interviewing him, then directly – and awkwardly – to a group of hipsters he’d just confronted. “Feel exhilarated?” he said to the woman after the exchange. Then, in the car, later, “I knew that would happen. I could feel it when I walked into the store.” Video inside.

The 10 Sweetest Vintage ’80s Commercials Ever

Nintendo, California Raisins, Sure Deodorant, California Cooler, Honda Scooters, Juicy Fruit, Whatchamacallit, and the first cell phone commercial ever aired. Finish off your hump day with a look at America’s endearing and optimistic marketing past. Videos inside.

Sports Fan Goes Insane at Basketball Game, is Strangely Endearing

A video from a Jumbotron at a Celtics game has been making its rounds on the internet over the past couple days. In it, a young Celtics fan takes the opportunity of being captured on screen for what it’s worth. What he does with his time on camera is pretty intense and sweet. About halfway through it gets surreal. Video after the jump.

San Francisco Riots After Their Baseball Team Wins World Series

The Giants won the World Series last night. The enterprising people of San Francisco quickly took the opportunity to riot. Riot police came, bottles were thrown, fires were started. Fights were documented inside fast food chains. Some participants and onlookers used hashtags #SFRiot and #SFRiots to update Twitter on their exploits, while others checked in to the riots on Foursquare. Videos after the jump.

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