Over 200 Students Admit To Cheating On Test After Professor Dedicates Lecture To Proving He Knows They Cheated

Using statistical analysis, this UCF professor recently caught over 200 students cheating on a midterm exam. He proceeded to dedicate an entire lecture to how he caught them, how he felt (“disillusioned” and “disgusted,”) and what would happen if they didn’t come clean (they wouldn’t graduate).

Shortly after the lecture, over 200 students admitted they had cheated. TC mark


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  • http://hbgwhem.tumblr.com/ hbgwhem.tumblr.com

    i bet this guy got a wicked good deal on his wardrobe when circuit city went out of business.

  • MAry

    Omg what a loser! It's a flipping test… It's not like they stole your kid.

    • kman

      Loser? For giving those kids an out when they should have been expelled? This a university, not a #%#% grade school.

  • Monch

    UGH this fogey is killing my cheating vibes man

  • kumquatparadise

    wow, seriously, good for him.

  • http://twitter.com/billApomerans Bill A Pomerans

    rly feel like they got off light… 4 hours of ethics classes?

  • http://www.andrew-vs-books.blogspot.com Weeatherhead

    this shit was ill

  • sara

    this made me so nervous

  • Cigarsam

    I went to college in the late 80's and went to parties where all the biz majors were bragging about how well they cheated and would never get caught.

    They are on Wall Street now. I have no doubt as to where they got the idea that cheating should be rewarded. Cheater now, criminal later.

  • Caitlin

    Thank God my students never pulled that shit on me. What a sorry bunch of losers.

    • http://www.warbox.us/ Tuxlar

      As far as you know.

  • http://twitter.com/Erikhaspresence Erik Stinson

    cheating right is so much harder than just working on shit..

  • PINA

    OMG. What a pussy. Welcome to the real world.

  • jeez

    all the ppl hating on this guy for being an actual professor are goobers

  • http://twitter.com/derpcircus miles barney

    naturally no one is sitting in the first two rows

  • http://sixmetamorphoses.blogspot.com/ Jordan

    At least it was just in a business class and not for something interesting or useful, and I don't suppose I condone cheating, but this guy is just giving off vibes that make me hate him.

  • Jen

    Consequences will never be the same.

  • jadedtenuredprof

    This is the prof who used, verbatim, questions from a publisher`s bank. He cheated, not the students.

  • Haha

    This guy is one hell of a drama queen.

  • Ddfg

    when the deal is too sweet those morons have nothing and the students should sue the school.

  • Peter

    What an asshole. He punishes all the non-cheating students, and doesn't punish the cheating students. He's teaching a lesson: Cheating pays when you don't get caught, and has minimal penalties if you do. Students get a 4 hour ethics seminar, and that's all — nothing on any record. Of course they'll cheat again. And they'll continue to cheat when they hit the business world. That's business ethics.

  • Foo

    when sharia law comes to america it will be chop-chop hands cut off if this happens again. don't let it happen.

  • Sanjay

    The professor's histrionics are Oscar worthy. He should give up teaching and head for Hollywood. No, wait! He should just give up teaching, because what sort of dumbass uses a question book from a commercial publisher to set midterm exams ? Was he too busy watching Jerry Springer to set the questions himself ?

    This video leaves me feeling sad. This is the state of education today. Loser profs who make laughable claims about statistical analysis being able to pinpoint individual cheaters! (Hello! statistics only works at the group level. You can prove people cheated with statistics, you can't prove WHO cheated.)

    This professor should be fired immediately, and someone who actually cares about teaching, and his students should be appointed instead.

  • http://heheheheheheheeheheheehehe.com/ tao


  • Davidk420

    He's totally bluffing. There is no way of determining who actually cheated using stats. He was able to con 200 students into admitting to cheating. hahaahaaaaah. they deserve it for being so dumb

    • http://twitter.com/chasesechrist Chase Sechrist

      If you compare the statistics of correct answers on a question per question basis using data from other test takers provided by the publisher, then take the questions that had the lowest percentage of successful answers and overlay those over the results from his test, it should be pretty obvious who had a test bank.

      I think that's the simplest way to do it. There's probably many other ways as well. The fact he called out the bias and they're doing (even basic) statistical analysis makes me think they'll have a pretty high success rate, but the good news is they won't have to exercise anything upon people that didn't cheat.

      • Myodi

        You still couldn't prove it. Everyone knows you cannot use statistics to prove something 100%, that's why its statistics. Of course those who cheated are idiots, so of course they wouldn't have realized that. Cheating requires evidence, not a statistical link that your answers were similar to other cheaters.

        The uni has lost its reputation anyway. 4 hour lecture is BS. Anyone who admitted it should be kicked out. No doubt the $$$ lost from 200 students is more important.

        The way the uni handled the situation is appalling. You do not make people who didn't cheat take the test again. You do not 'do' the test again. Uni is already filled with 'team' work. To punish everyone because of majority is ridiculous.

    • Gebel

      Nope. That is completely easy to figure out. Data always wins.

      • JokerRK

        so make me a data sheet showing me when bill gates will become bankrupt

  • http://obscurelyfamous.com Daniel Ha

    Students got off extremely easy. 4 hour ethics course with no permanent record? Srsly?

    When I received a speeding ticket, I took an 8 hour driving safety class.

  • prince of poop

    this professor is awesome. fuck cheaters

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