Henry Rollins Comes Out Strongly Against Hipsters

In an exchange that could be called “heated” if not for all the awkward laughter, Henry Rollins and some hipsters got into it recently at a Lower East Side record store.

Rollins begins his anti-hipster tirade privately, quietly, almost idly, pointing out a couple albums and claiming they’re for an “elitist group of young people.” He’s being interviewed. He’s interrupted by a girl off-screen yelling “Henry Rollins is here?!” Visibly agitated, Rollins responds tersely, to the interviewer, “Here we go.”

We then hear the girl – and her friends – erupt in laughter, which Rollins immediately interprets as being directed at him, because “to these people, I’m kind of old and in the way, [and] am normal, and have sold out.” His interviewer laughs, obviously trying to passively quell what she can see is an escalating awkward situation.

“Get in the van man! Get in the van,” the off-screen girl yells, and here we can see something inside Rollins snap. He looks up from the CDs he’s thumbing through with the iciest of glares and begins to walk at a disturbing pace to the offending commenter.

“Oh, oh, I see, is this where the young elitist hipsters take on the ancient, dodgy in-the-way types?” Rollins says, now directly in front of the girl, who is sitting down, grinning and saying “No, no…no…I love your band.” Rollins is also grinning.

The awkward exchange goes on for another couple of minutes and takes on a few participants.

“Feel exhilarated?” he says to the woman interviewing him afterward. Then, in the car, later, “I knew that would happen. I could feel it when I walked into the store.” TC mark


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  • http://www.facebook.com/mdkmdk Michael Kramer

    this article had potential, once. i can tell.

  • Jordancastroisthepresident


  • a polar bear

    so important 2 my lifestyle.

  • Kelly McClure

    That video was painful to watch. I feel like his whole rant was fueled by insecurity and really he just wanted a good cry.

  • http://twitter.com/Erikhaspresence Erik Stinson

    i always forget that he looks like a high school football qb

  • Giles

    I don't really get this article. You've just written out what happens in it and added nothing else to it. The video itself gave me more information.

    Also, “We're just trying to hang out and there's this fucking film going on. We're going to get stuck in some film…”??? Wish he'd gone this far: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4uahL_tQWc

  • Mmm

    lol @ Rollins calling himself “old and in the way” and then proceeding moments later to literally stand in the way of a couple dudes carrying amps for a couple minutes.

  • http://staugustine2.wordpress.com/ STaugustine

    Dudes, Shirin Neshat is the point of this video; the Henry stuff is a tangent (though, having said that, Henry's Hipdar obviously needs re-calibrating)

  • http://staugustine2.wordpress.com/ STaugustine

    (also, Henry being driven off in that luxury boat after confronting the “rich kids” was kind of… ironic?)

    • No

      It's not ironic if he earned his wealth through a long and profitable career.

      • http://staugustine2.wordpress.com/ STaugustine

        It's ironic if he's trying to come off as a Class Warrior.

    • atmnyc

      It's just your standard NYC black car for hire, probably cost him $15. Not exactly proletariat, but really anyone can get one.

  • http://twitter.com/rainbowlesions Brian O'blivion

    I know both the person Henry is berating and the other girl in the hat to her left — they are both people who are as far from the hipster label as you can get. The record store is Cake Shop on Ludlow St. and the whole episode is just cringe inducing for me to watch. Rollins seemed kind of spooked in the store, maybe it was the proximity of the cameras and attention, or something. But having gone to shows at 7A before joining Black Flag — his whole 'taking in the sites and sounds of the East Village' bit was kind of a strange thing to say, he's been hanging out on the lower east side since before anyone in this video was born.

    Wow this is a long post.

  • Anonymous

    insecure much, henry?

    he gives hipsters embarrassingly too much credit, like they’re edgy or tough or smart and actually give a shit about anyone “selling out.”

    hipsters suck precisely because as upper-class brats they stand for nothing and have no problem with selling out, and are cultural vampires sucking up bits of every other subculture either as a meaningless statement of mocking irony, or because they envy authenticity… usually a combo of both.

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