4chan’s /b/ Users Declare War on Tumblr after Tumblr Faction Begins Organizing ‘Raid’ on 4chan

Today at around noon an anon posted the above graphic on 4chan’s anarchic /b/ messageboard. While half the resulting comments related how stupid they felt the idea, the other half seemed somewhat motivated to ‘take down’ Tumblr. Which would basically be 1) creating fake Tumblr accounts, gaining a following, and bombing people’s dashboards with child porn and 2) hacking into Tumblr accounts with a large following and bombing people’s dashboards with child porn.

Heh. No idea where this Tumblr ‘raid’ on 4chan is originating. Anyone? TC mark


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  • ughh

    all your base etc

  • http://twitter.com/_justvibing @_justvibing

    i've yet to witness/understand this meme

  • http://twitter.com/Erikhaspresence Erik Stinson

    it's probably suburban/isolated tumblr users. the tumblr and 4chan ppl/developers in nyc get along ok.

  • harry

    hope i get some new followers…

  • Anonymous

    Tumblr invaded omegle, which is /b/'s
    Tumblr wanted to troll us on 4chan

    They'll get what they deserve

  • Juicy_express01

    this is stupid. tumblr is the bomb diggity.

  • TumblrWillWinITellYou


  • Cucumber

    I think it's just one Tumblr user trying to get a lot of followers.

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