The 10 Sweetest Vintage ’80s Commercials Ever

Nintendo, California Raisins, Sure Deodorant, California Cooler, Honda Scooters, Juicy Fruit, Whatchamacallit, and the first cell phone commercial ever aired. Finish off your hump day with a look at America’s endearing and optimistic marketing past.

1. California Cooler (1986)

2. Honda Scooters (1986)

3. Nintendo – Metroid and Rad Racer (1980s)

4. Juicy Fruit (1980s)

5. Sure Deodorant (1980s)

6. Whatchamacallit (1985)

7. California Cooler (1985)

8. California Raisins (1989)

9. Centel (1989)

10. Olympia Beer (1971)


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  • Kelley Hoffman

    been thinking about whatchamacallits lately, something must be 'in the air'

  • Erik Stinson

    whoa good job jason

    glad we are co-workers…

  • mario

    one time my dad brought home whatchamacallits and my sister asked what they were and he said 'whatchamacallits' and she said a made up word, like she thought was making up the name of the candy or something.

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