Woman Transforms Herself into Jared Leto in 6 Minutes, Goes Viral on YouTube

Not sure what she was going for with the soundtrack, but the whole video kinda’ reeks of goth (or something). Set to Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer,” the transformation is equal parts interesting and disturbing.

If this girl isn’t a high-paid makeup artist working in Hollywood, she will be soon enough. TC mark

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  • Brandon Scott Gorrell

    seems bleak

    • Bleak

      Second that

  • http://youtubedotcom.tumblr.com/ marshall

    luv it

  • a polar bear

    still unsure who jared leto is, unless he's the bro from 30 seconds 2 mars (y'all), watched video with sound off so i didn't have to pause kanye west.

  • missmollymary

    bet you jared leto spends more time trying to look like jared leto than this chick did

  • http://twitter.com/WellReadWife The Well-Read Wife

    I have a similar video where I turn myself into Jim Belushi. It's viral in Japan.

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