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Thoughts Used To Die

In codifying social currency we have done more than jeopardize our privacy, we have sold out our thoughts, our wonder, our enthusiasm. So what do we have?

A Eulogy For Ryan Dunn

One year ago today, at around three in the morning, Ryan Dunn died in a car crash on Route 322 in West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania, a crash which also took the life of the passenger in his car, Zachary Hartwell.

Breaking Bad News

Everybody has been given bad news and has had to share bad news. Nobody breaks bad news well, and for that they should probably be forgiven—being “the bearer” is no easy task. However, there is one approach that absolutely drives me insane and which I would like to stop.

Dead Kennedys

It was raining outside and red. I tried to hide tears. My parents would occasionally approach me but I would stand and change windows, and with each move the tears came with more force. At the fourth window, my mother reached for my shoulder, made contact, and I could hold back no longer. I fell into forceful sobs.

Lady Gaga Takes on Target: Great! Right?

Wait, what? So, Target doesn’t hate gay people? Maybe only Target’s Political Action Committee hates gay people. Wait, why the hell does Target have a Political Action Committee? I buy socks in bulk there, and that is where the relationship should end.