25 Questions That Will Tell You Immediately Whether He’s ‘One Of The Good Ones’

Wyatt Fisher
Wyatt Fisher

1. If you had a magic watch that would bring you back to any moment in your life and give you a do-over, what would you change?

2. What do you want to do differently than your parents?

3. How would you want your hypothetical children to turn out different than you?

4. How would you spend your free time if you could be invisible whenever you wanted?

5. What do you think prevents most people from being happy?

6. What’s something that has happened to you that has fundamentally changed your personality?

7. What’s different about you compared to most people?

8. Do you think people get better over time, or are we born the kind of person we’re always going to be?

9. What makes a person ‘weak’?

10. What do you think the best age is?

11. If you kept a diary and the people close to you read it one day, would they be surprised about what you really think?

12. What’s a character flaw that you can’t stand?

13. What do you think prevents most people from being successful?

14. If your apartment building was on fire and you had time to save three things before it burned down, what would you pick?

15. What’s an example of a ‘victimless crime’?

16. What animal do you most admire, and why?

17. Who is a fictional character that you’ve really related to?

18. What kind of old person will you be?

19. What would make you the most disappointed to hear about your (hypothetical) child?

20. How do you hope people describe you?

21. Do you believe in karma?

22. What kind of qualities make a good politician?

23. What do the people in your family all have in common?

24. What do you hope to change about yourself as you get older?

25. Do you think it takes two people to make a toxic relationship — or are some people just crazy? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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