Trendy City Dweller Discovers Unknown Civilization In Brooklyn Neighborhood


Brookyln, NY – Self-styled “urban explorer and adventurer,” Jacob Philistin recently returned from a recent expedition in his own backyard. Philistin revealed that he came in contact with a previously undiscovered culture. “I found this amazing place last night!” Philistin exclaimed. “I had this saucy lamb and bean dish. I can’t say for sure what else was in it, but it was superb. It topped anything I’ve ever eaten.” The veteran explorer continued to describe the culinary culture of this civilization with expert precision demonstrating his extensive palate and anthropologic knowledge. “They served this mint tea after the meal and I thought it was a great palate cleanser. And you know what? I think what I ate had lentils in it, not beans. And that sauce was really ‘tomatoey’ and savory. It kind of reminded me of Italian, but not Italian.” At press time, it was mentioned that lentils are indeed beans, but the urban explorer proclaimed he had no time for “semantics.” Philistin decided to dub the culinary culture of this enigmatic civilization as “Moro-ccan”. “Their food is amazing, guys. I think you guys should all come with me sometime and try it out. I tipped them really well last night, so I know we’ll get great service,” Philistin said. When asked of his plans for his next adventure, the rugged explorer smirked while sipping on his fair-trade Colombian roast. “I think I’m going to go try that new Thai place next.” TC mark


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