30-Something Man Starts Kickstarter Fund To Help Him Make A Sandwich That Will Last Beyond TV Intro

image - Flickr / Nathan Borror
image – Flickr / Nathan Borror

Pasadena, CA — Holding a remote in his hand and a half of a turkey on white in the other, Justin Brooks explained why he started a Kickstarter that would satiate his hunger and last through his favorite TV show’s introduction. “That House Of Cards intro is really long and I can’t seem to extend my sandwich to meet the length of that intro segment,” he said. “This Kickstarter fund looks to change all that.” Brooks asked backers to send him photos of sandwiches they’ve made to eat while watching their favorite shows. He has so far managed to find over 2,000 backers and has almost 1,500 photos of sandwiches in his inbox. “We’re all facing the same problem,” he said, in between bites of his turkey sandwich. “The sandwich is simply not big enough.” When asked why he hasn’t made another sandwich or two to accompany the sandwich he makes to watch his shows, Brooks simply shrugged. “I didn’t think of that,” he said. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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