Mayoral Tantrum Leads To Forgiving ‘Mommy Moment’

Don’t mess with Rob Ford’s brother, even if you’re protesting that your Mayor is a crack smoking hot head with zero civic credibility left. During the Toronto City Council’s vote to decide the fate of Mayor Rob Ford, his brother, Doug Ford, got into an energetic argument with members of the public present for the vote and, I guess, Mayor Rob thought it would be a fine time to rush the…er…public and, I don’t know, attack them, maybe? This resulted in him knocking people down before returning to his senses or maybe because the room was packed and he couldn’t get through, who knows? Here’s the full vid:

Regardless, TC’s own Michael Koh has prepared the following awesome GIF of the altercation so that you can watch Ford briefly rock in place before he takes off, upturned collar tips and all, only to bowl over Councilor Pam McConnell. Best part? The sweetie face pat at the end as if to say “Oh Robbie, just settle down.”  All that’s missing is a cool washcloth and a juice box. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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