10 Bare Realizations About Life That Are Surprisingly True

1. Passion is the fundamental driver for success. The feeling of responsibility won’t ever be more than a blasé chauffeur.

2. However, it is also the devil on your shoulder that takes over when you have actual responsibilities to attend to.

3. Fortunately for you, if the passion is sincere, you won’t regret temporarily neglecting your daily grind.

4. Caring and lust are different things, and if neither exist in a relationship, it’s nothing more than a hallow illusion that will crumble faster than an extravagant French pastry.

5. Bending over backwards to satisfy someone else’s desires is only worth it if they matter.

6. Existing is not synonymous with mattering, and if the two are used interchangeably, you just might find that the actual word you’re looking for is disappointing.

7. Helping someone that isn’t self-motivated is like playing the lottery with your time. Occasionally you get lucky, but for the most part, you just feel like a fool.

8. Lusting after something that isn’t yours may not break your heart, but it will almost certainly break your resolve…regardless of the outcome.

9. Self-pity is a self-fulfilling prophesy that rings true a hundred percent of the time.

10. But even with all these complaints lamented, life is still an unwritten adventure that’s just waiting along for the author to come along, grab a pen, and write without a care in the world.

So while there may be slow sections and discouraging twists along the way, the finale should still go out with a bang – the type with an explosive grandeur that crash cymbals make, not the type with a stubbed foot and a few regretful moans that are pathetically futile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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