Remember: You Are Gift, And Deserve The Best

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He loves you like a piece of paper he found to write something down during a phone call. You’ve taken this substitution because something was better than nothing, even if it was fleeting and fake. It was still something you could wrap yourself up in to chase the loneliness away for a moment. The illusion of partnership is better than the reality of loneliness, right?


You are worth more than a second or third glance. You are worth more than the sigh “I guess” he can muster up when you ask him to come over. You are worth being wanted and desired as much as you want and desire and your time is just as valuable. Your heart deserves to be cradled like a newborn, not juggled like a tennis ball. Your love is a paycheck after a long week and must be earned by the hard work of someone who wants to be in your presence – you deserve nothing less.

You deserve love in the form of a rock that will sustain you, not sink you to the bottom of the well that is your heart. Your heart is not a bottomless pit where you will love for the sake of loving without hope of anything in return. You have a boundary like a teacup. Your love can soothe or burn if kept on for too long – you deserve a love, reciprocated. Receipts for your time invested. You deserve what you put in, with interest. Unconditional love is a two way street. If you’re on a one way street, get ready to take the next left.

He should hold you in his hands like a lost treasure, newly found; however, you should always remember that you are a treasure whether you are found or not and treat yourself accordingly. Yes I know it is easier said than done…but that doesn’t make it less impossible. I know it seems cliche, but your presence is a present. Gift yourself with someone who can appreciate you like Christmas morning and not a New Year’s hangover. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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