Read This When You Need To Remember To Ignore The Haters

Joanna Nix / Unsplash

You hold the pen that will write your own story. Your hand will glide across the pages of your life, recording every incident. But remember, you first start with writing your name.

You are not what you are called. You are what you answer to.

You are not the sum of all of your mistakes and bad decisions. You are not unlovable. You are not worthless. Those lies that you tell yourself are only echoes of what you have heard from other, broken individuals, who in the pursuit of hiding their own scars, decided to spotlight yours. None of us are perfect. But perfection is boring and, more importantly, impossible. Do not hold yourself to an unrealistic standard and do not allow anyone else to do so. They say that nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent – do not yield. You are not inferior. You are not less than. If someone calls you these things, do not answer.

Ignore the calls for your to ignore your greatness. 

You will not be small so that others can feel large. You are not in the way – you possess a space that is yours and your weight on this land matters as much as anyone else’s. No matter how you look or dress, no matter what you have done or not done, you matter and that is all that matters. Everything that comes with you that is pointed out as a flaw or burden is, in fact, a blessing that makes you unique and who you are. None of us are without room for improvement but remember – you define what needs improving. Nobody else.

Someone who only remembers your mistakes is witnessing life in actions while they are content only watching. If they are unwilling to go out and make their own mistakes, they have their own work to do – don’t let their lack of living stop you.

It takes courage to be unapologetically you in the sea of everyone else. To live among the “I wish I was”‘s of the world and whisper “I’m glad I am” is, in itself, an act of rebellion and I urge you to raise that fist, pen in hand, and go forward proudly and write the best life you can live. You are the author and you only get one shot. Don’t worry about getting it perfect or even getting it right. You already have it by waking up in the morning so you have already won. TC mark

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