10 Memoir Titles For 20-Somethings Who Just Can’t Even

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This April, I was humbled and delighted to be given the opportunity to write and submit a collection of personal essays for publication via Thought Catalog’s Book division. Mink Choi, a book publisher for Thought Catalog, is a godsend, an amazing editor/publisher, and all around great person.

Since April, however, I have been wracking my brain with how to illustrate my life in a way that’s meaningful for readers. I don’t want to be too reflective since I’m only twenty and how much can I possible have lived, you know? And I’ve been trying to organize my thoughts and writing into such a way that makes for a good story. In doing so, I’ve convinced myself, “If I could just decide on a witty a la Jennifer-Lawrence title, I’ll have struck best-seller gold and the words will flow from my mind to my keyboard.”

So, without further ado, here are 10 of my most “thought-provoking” memoir titles for the 20-something who just can’t even.

1. Being Alive is Expensive And Other Millennial Concerns

2. Is There Gonna Be Free Food?: My 20-Something Survival Guide

3. Tinder is Like a Box of Chocolates: Falling in Love in the Digital Age

4. No Filter: How I Turned My Instagram Fame into a Modeling Contract

5. Swiper No Swiping: How I Met The Love of My Life on Tinder

6. Happy, Free, Confused And Lonely At the Same Time: How Feeling Twenty-Two Has Made Me Develop Multiple Personalities

7. The Funemployment Line: And Other Myths since Bigfoot

8. Give Me Monetary (Benefits) or Give me Debt: A Manifesto

9. I Got Apps on Apps on Apps: My Journey to Employment

10. Breakups via Text, Finals Week, Resume Writing and Other Things So Annoying I Just Can’t Even

There you have it. Feel free to use these with credit, given, in the form of compensation, of course! TC mark


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