You Reminded Me That Dreams Can Come True

We both love magic. You told me you knew a few tricks. I didn’t know how good you were.

I wonder if you knew the real magic that was happening. In the moments I was standing there embracing you, my brick walls started to fall down. My heart started pumping a warmer type of blood. I started to feel things that I’ve never felt and things that I’d given up on.

I started to question everything I’d ever known. All the beliefs I held now feel like they mean nothing at all. I feel like I’m in some alternate and better universe. I feel like I’m finally on the side with the greener grass.

Memories are coming back to me and they’re not breaking me. I’m reminded of things I’d forgotten about completely. I’m reminded that my entire life wasn’t terrible. You’re bringing out the best in me.

I feel like I’ve known you my whole life. I’m crying so many tears, but they’re healing, joyful, full of love and passion.

You’re like a male version of me. It’s beautiful and terrifying.

I know you see me. And I know you love me. We haven’t said those words yet, but I can feel the love you’re giving to me, like little rose petals here and there that I’m saving up to build my own enchanted rose. Or maybe an entire garden. I feel like you’re the one I’ve been searching for. Like I found someone I’ve been missing but forgot about. Some part of me needed you. I’m loving the journey. I’m loving the moment. And I can’t wait to see the destination.

I just want you to know that I already love you in my dreams. I believe in magic. And I believe that dreams come true. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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