10 Annoying Social Media Posts And What They Really Mean

John Cecilian
John Cecilian

While social media can be beneficial when it comes to things such as networking, keeping in contact with friends and relatives, or reliving old memories, there are definitely certain downsides to social media; the main downside being, transparency.

I don’t think some girls realize how easy it is to spot someone clearly desperate or trying to make a point on social media. Because even though you think your “#SoUgly” hashtag makes you seem humble, in reality it just makes you seem like you are fishing for compliments.

As much as we’ve been a victim to the act that is transparent posting, I’m sure at some point we’ve all been guilty of at least one of these. So let’s make it a New Year’s resolution to live a little more, post a little less or at least re-read our Tweets before we hit send.

1. “Don’t chase em’, replace em. Moving onto better things.”

The only people replacing you at this moment are my friends Ben & Jerry and the only reason I’m posting this is to make you think I’m beyond over this relationship. In reality I’ve already creeped all your social media accounts four times today and need you to know that I’m happier than you are…even though I’m clearly not.

2. “Just another successful 6 AM, 2 hour workout.”

*Insert mirror picture with 10 lb. weight* *Insert Snapchat of a protein smoothie* #fitlife #girlswhoworkout #model #abs
I actually only went to the gym for an hour, and 20 minutes of that time was spent trying to perfect this mirror picture. Not posting a status about being at the gym basically means I didn’t go, so here’s a picture of myself with a weight that I picked up just for this photo. #BeJealousOfMe #INeedValidation

3. *Insert photo of my new manicure or my Starbucks Frappuccino conveniently held in front the steering wheel of my car*

My French manicure is on point but I actually just want everyone to know that I drive a BMW, which actually belongs to my dad.

4. *Insert selfie with the caption “Because bae said too.”

Nobody actually told me to post this but I’m not sure if this morning hair selfie makes me look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel or a dog after a bath; posting this caption gives me the option to delete this photo without looking like I care what people think about my selfies.

5. *Insert selfie with a bottle of liquor*

I’m FUN, right? Alcohol makes you fun. I swear I’m such a good time and my life is ridiculously amazing

6. “Today can’t get any worse. Nobody talk to me.”

Everybody text me and ask me if I’m okay, please. Thank you.

7. *Insert selfie which is conveniently only 40% face and 60% boobs*

I’m intentionally trying to show off my assets without seeming desperate because everyone knows Instagram ‘likes’ are mathematically proven to be equal to your amount of self-worth. Duh.

8. Any picture with the hashtags: #model #girlswhomodel #modellife.

One of my friends is photography major and/or owns a really nice Canon and took pictures of me in their backyard. So I guess you can say I’m pretty legit.

9. *Insert status relating to a specific team or sport that is currently trending, lacking any statistics or general knowledge of said sport*

Look at me, I’m a girl who likes sports!

10. Any status that begins with “Some people.”

You better believe that this status is a subtweet directed at a specific person because of a specific situation that happened very recently, and I hope that person sees this; but if that person calls me out on this subtweet I’ll let them know that I would never post negative things about them and that this tweet was just meant generally. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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