7 Important Lessons Mean People Teach You

Matilda (Special Edition)
Matilda (Special Edition)

1. Expecting people to treat you the way you treat them is suicide.

You believe you treat him the right way, that you are humane enough to him. And it really upsets you that he does not treat you the same way. But then, expectation kills. Every being is different from the other and you must not expect them to act, to speak, nor to behave in the same manner that you do. You will only hurt yourself too much by doing so. Yes of course, life is unfair. Just as it has always been.

2. No matter how good or how kind you are, you also have your limits.

You are human. You may be the kindest on earth, but you have feelings you cannot control nor avoid. You get hurt, you become mad, you curse the world when you have a bad day, you call mean people with bad names in your head. But you should not feel sorry about it. That does not even make you any less of a person. Maybe it’s just your way of easing whatever you feel.

3. But if you’re the reverse… No matter how rude you are, a taste of your own medicine is still bitter.

You’re rude, but you still hate it when people are rude to you. Especially when you feel like it’s not the usual or forgivable type of rude. But through these people, you will also realize that it will always be better to treat people with respect and consideration; that being mean will get you nowhere and will even drive people away.

4. The cliché “You cannot please everybody” is actually true.

You may try, but for mean people, chances are your efforts will only be squandered. And who does not hate unappreciated efforts, right? You just have to accept the fact that they hate you, and you cannot do anything about it. You just have to go on with your life without trying so hard to please them just to gain nothing back.

5. No matter how hard you try, people can never, ever, COMPLETELY understand you.

They can’t, simply because they can’t. They can’t because they are not you. They are not the ones who experienced what you had gone through. They are not the ones who felt the emotions within you. They may try to feel what it’s like to be in your shoes but they will never fit them just like how they fit you.

6. Heartless people don’t just exist in movies; they do exist in reality, sadly.

He is not just rude or mean. He has terrible mood swings. He says words that can be 10th degree painful. He glares like evil. He hates every little thing you do or say. He just doesn’t care for anybody at all. He turns your life into a living hell. In other words, yes, he’s a heartless freak. And you are really in disbelief how such people were born in this world.

7. There’s no use to keep hard feelings.

It is normal to feel pain or to be upset towards someone’s ill attitude, but then, it is a waste of time if kept needlessly for a long time. Will he be sympathetic if he learns that you cry every night because of your disgust towards him? No. It’s given, because he’s mean. Just focus on the people who makes you happy, those people who care for you, those people who treat you rightfully, those people who will be right by your side always. Ignore those mean people and love the ones who are good to you. They are the ones who should matter the most in your life. TC Mark

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