28 Different Kinds Of People You’ll Meet In A Student Publication


1. The Monster Editor

They are the strictest of all the editorial board members. The deadlines they give will drive a writer insane. They give punishments that no one in the publications wants to receive. They are the ones who are feared and cursed by almost—if not—everyone and most probably become a reason for a member of the pub to not visit the office often or worse, quit.

2. The Mother-like

They are the caring, affectionate and thoughtful kind of editor/writer. If the monster editors are most of the time being hated, the mother-likes are the ones that are loved the most. The treat the younger ones in the pub as if they were their own children and in that way, the members feel really treasured.

3. The Sleepyhead

They sleep too early. Or they sleep too long and it takes a lot of effort to wake them up. Or they turned their cellphone alarm on before sleeping but then the loud ringing of the alarm constantly fails to wake them up. Or when they sit down on a soft and comfy sofa, they’ll be asleep in just a minute or two. Or they are just known for being sleepy all the time.

4. The Mushroom

Now you see them, the next day you don’t. And it may actually take a few more weeks before you see them again. They are seasonal. There are times of the year when they are active in the publication; there are times when they are not. Without any warning, they’ll go on a lie low status once in a while and they will leave everyone wondering whatever happened to them.

5. The Cinderella

The few who have the initiative to clean the publication’s office or at least put things in order in daily or frequently. They are the bffs of the broom, the mop and all the cleaning materials.

6. The Crammer

They are given a work for them to finish in 3 weeks time, but they’ll start doing it 3 days before the deadline. Or if they feel lazier, they’ll probably begin 3 hours before.

7. The Shy Type

No one noticed that they were there in the pub’s office because they were too shy to even say hello. They hate doing interviews and they will probably stand for several minutes outside a certain school official’s office before finally having the guts to knock at the door. They are also the silent ones during meet-ups and activities.

8. The Grammar Nazi

They. Hate. Grammatical. Errors.

9. The Perfectionist

They are not just grammar nazi, they are also very particular with punctuations and spelling. They also go mad over typographical errors, distracting element on photos, little oversights in graphics and every little detail that they deemed to be improper. They are basically disgusted over anything that does not pass their sky-high standard.

10. The Nagger

They will always have a lot of things to say and most of the time, they say it in a not-so-nice way. They will scold everyone for unreasonable matters. Everyone in the publication shivers when the naggers are not in the mood and would wish they were deaf.

11. The Sad Face

Their opinion column entries are usually about disheartening stuff. They always have a lot of reason to be miserable and they tend not see every blessing that come their way. Some of them are cry babies too.

12. The Sister/Brother from Another Mother

Every member of the publication is really close to them. They are everyone’s best friend who are always there when one is in trouble and always lend a helping hand in any way possible.

13. The Superman without Cape

They are those who are regularly given a task by all the editors because they are already tried and tested when it comes to diligence and productiveness. They are also often called as storm troopers because they are the ones who do last-minute jobs and save those works that were neglected by their co-staff.

14. The Mr./Ms. Know It All

They have memorized the history of the publication, the location of the different offices in school, the general facts in and out of the campus. Maybe they are geniuses or just good in memorization or just wide readers. But really, they know everything.

15. The Misunderstood

They are the ones who are outcasts in their family, or who have no friends in their class. And they found their comfort zone and special circle of friends or family in the student publication.

16. The Game Master

Just when you thought that they are busy and concentrating on their work, you’ll be surprised when you see their laptop’s screen—they are just playing different sort of online games. Not so surprisingly, they often make their editor-in-chief furious.

17. The Faces of the Campus

Who says the hottest guys and girls in the school can only be found in performing groups, pageants and runway shows? They may not be seen always in person, but some of these people behind the by-lines are actually the crushes of most of your schoolmates.

18. The Best in Talent

They are not just writers or photojournalists or artists. They also have other talents like singing, dancing and acting, but they chose to be in the publication and not the other organizations because of their passion.

19. The Detective

They have the greatest nose for news. They knew a scoop even before everyone in the campus had talked about it. They have their unique style of acquiring beat reports and they always impress the news editor.

20. The Unseen Zoned

You see them frequently in the by-lines of the school papers, but you rarely see them in the publication’s office. Their editors see their finished work, but do not see how they actually work.

21. The Lucky One

These are the writers of the publication who did no help or very little help on completing an article but still appeared on the by-line or tagline. They are also any staff who again, did none or just very small contribution, but still made it to the staff box.

22. The Late Bloomer

Their name will never be recalled during their first year in the publication, but during their following years, they have become those writers who the editors really like for their reliability and hard work. They may also be the mushrooms who have already evolved into the superman without cape.

23. The Literally Late

They submit articles, photographs or artworks late. They arrive at meetings and activities late. They are just always, really late, and everyone in the publication is already used to it.

24. The Alibi Expert

Reasons. Reasons. Reasons. They always have reasons and excuses for everything.

25. The Like-A-Boss

They listen to nobody but themselves. They believe they are always right. They always act like a boss even though they are not. Period.

26. The Falling Star

They are the ones who were really good at first. Some even predicted that they will become the editor-in-chief in the future. But because of their own choice or unavoidable occurrences, they slowly had troubles doing their duties as it should be done and eventually turned their back on the publication.

27. The Gone for Good

They are tagged as quitters. They are those who left the publication after only a short time, or those who absented on their tasks even without having the decency to leave officially.

28. The Wallflower

They are members of the publications but they are not memorable. It seems that they did not or will not leave a mark. They are the ones who are there, but it seems that they are not because they are easily forgotten. Publication members fear to be a wallflower of course. TC Mark

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