6 Things Leggings Lovers Need To Defend Themselves Against Haters


“Yo, you wear leggings so much. You need to stop.” A line like this will earn you a free death glare courtesy of yours truly. I’ll be the first to (proudly) admit that I’m head-over-heels for leggings – the only things as dark as my pretty, little soul.

Pants that allow you to attain a full range of motion are basically unprecedented. And, yes, I just called leggings ‘pants.’ In all seriousness, leggings provide you with incredible comfort while you take on daily activities, such as running 30 minutes late for your 8a.m. class.

Did I mention there’s no need to wiggle into your leggings? They literally slide right on. Be real. You’re basically dancing every time you put your jeans on. Don’t even get me started on all the cute outfits you can put together with leggings! Leggings are dark but light; breathable, but skintight; a girl’s favorite contradiction that seem to get a lot of hate. Don’t let vicious words from haters deter you from exercising your natural right to wear leggings like a boss. Here are six things you need to gear up for the war against haters:

1. A secret supply of leggings.

Spilled your latte on your leggings? Got a rip on the crotch? Can’t seem to find them amongst your pile of lecture notes and empty coffee cups? Don’t surrender to regular pants just yet. Besides, that’s what they’d want you to do! Have extra leggings on hand to serve as super quick replacements for your beloved wounded soldier. Plus, haters are already questioning your choice in clothing, don’t give them the fuel they need to question your hygiene, too.

2. Oversized sweaters added to your arsenal.

There is no doubt in my mind that oversized knit sweaters and leggings are a delightful match made in heaven. All you need after a crappy day at school or work is undying comfort. You can seriously curl up on your couch in this combo and feel so satisfied you actually won’t want to get up (been there, done that!) Feel free to rub this one in their faces.

3. A secret weapon for the winter.

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate winter, but that’s a story for another time. Winters in New York City can be less than welcoming toward thin, I-can-pretty-much-see-your-underwear- but-not-really leggings. Never fear, your savior is here: fleece-lined leggings. God bless the genius who decided to line the insides of leggings with super warm, super soft fleece. Even the frigid winter can’t rain (or should I say, snow) on your parade! While the haters snicker to their friends about how you must be freezing your ass off in leggings, little do they know that you and your tush are actually pretty toasty.

4. A team of battle-ready leggings-lovers.

There’s strength in numbers. It’s one of the most basic principles they teach you in Leggings War Academy. A single hater won’t dare attack you if you’re surrounded by allies with leggings tucked into their boots, because then they’ll have your whole posse to answer to. You can feel good about those odds knowing you won’t have to deal with any surprise attacks.

5. A well-stocked collection of comebacks to fend off enemy attacks.

Hey, I was born sassy; sarcasm is my ultimate defense. You don’t have to stand there and take the backlash from non-supporters. Instead, you can sweetly tell him or her where to shove their
irritating opinion. Just kidding (kind of). One of the greatest defenses against a hater is a really good shutdown. Stock up on the comebacks so you can handle your next encounter like a boss.

6. Confidence for days.

This is probably the best defense against a hater of any kind. Have no shame in what makes you comfortable. In this life you can only be yourself, because everybody else is taken. You do you and don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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