A Rant About Women With Periods

Recently, there’s been a big issue brewing with the MTA. It involves a controversial advertisement for underwear designed for women during that ‘certain time of the month.’ We all say that ‘certain time of the month’ because we’ve all been socially conditioned not to talk about periods. Why? Because periods are a thing that make us feel uncomfortable to talk about. Why is that? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because our social norms were created by wealthy, prejudiced, anglo-saxon, protestant men who just couldn’t feel comfortable with the relationship between bleeding and breeding.

Personally, the only beef I have with the word ‘period’ is that it’s kind of a misnomer. It should be the ‘comma.’ Think about it. 30 days, comma. 30 days, comma. Menopause — that should be the period.


The underwear company, Thinx, made this advertisement:

Courtesy of Jared Weiss
Courtesy of Jared Weiss

The MTA believes that the grapefruit in this ad is a little suggestive and inappropriate. Unlike the ad below, which also features grapefruits, although it’s not really suggestive, right?

Courtesy of Jared Weiss
Courtesy of Jared Weiss

It just straight up says: If your tits aren’t the size of giant grapefruits, you’re going to be really, really sad.

As if this advertisement would ever be okay on a subway:

Courtesy of Jared Weiss
Courtesy of Jared Weiss

And while the MTA has already begrudgingly approved the ad on the grounds of the First Amendment, the Chairman of the MTA, Thomas Prendergast, said, “The ads offended me.”

Offended you? It’s a f*cking grapefruit.

Perhaps, it’s your own imagination that offends you, Mr. Prendergast. Or maybe it’s because your name sounds insanely similar to 70s soul singer, Teddy Pendergrass, who is really your anti-doppleganger, if you think about it. He was handsome, black, likeable, and even crooned at the vagina.

Representatives of the MTA, even questioned how children would be affected by the ad. Ultimately, who cares if it looks like a vagina? 50% of the population has a vagina. And the other half only exists because of them.
These are our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and girlfriends, and we should be supportive of them. We should show them some gratitude by making them feel comfortable talking about it, developing products for it, whatever.

One thing I know for sure: If you’re offended by a vagina, then you just don’t know where you come from. TC mark


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  • http://darumaeye.wordpress.com Daruma Eye

    Damn it! Where were you when Beaver Helmet had our Menstrual Hut show at Parkside Lounge? I suspect you would have had plenty to say! (And made some beautiful crafts too!) https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153042676521949.1073741831.24470951948&type=3

  • http://voluptuouscara.wordpress.com Cara

    I’ll tell you what REALLY offends me. The idea that these THINKX people are out to sell me a special pair of panties designed for “that time of the month”, as though I’m stupid enough to see the advertisement for it and think, “Holy shit, my regular panties must not be good enough/adequate for that time of the month & so I must run out and spend money on this new product”…the THINKX people must believe women to be utter fools, and I, for one, am no fool.

    • http://msvidaculturalattache.wordpress.com msvidaculturalattache

      I’m pretty sure that the underpants they sell have a build in absorbent core so they are supposed to replace pads.

      • http://voluptuouscara.wordpress.com Cara

        msvidaculturalattache, my point is that for hundreds of years women have been having periods WITHOUT wearing specialized panties just for those “few bloody days” a month. And now Madison Avenue is trying to tell us we NEED this product when we know we don’t. Some of us might want it, and that’s fine, but none of us will die from lack of it.

      • http://msvidaculturalattache.wordpress.com msvidaculturalattache

        Um…yeah obviously no one is gonna die, I don’t think they are suggesting that. I mean, it’s an ad. It’s supposed to make you aware of a new product and they are hoping you will prefer it. None of this seems relevant to the actual article but anyway…Unless you go the ‘traditional’ process from hundreds of years ago and just sit in a tent away from everyone and bleed into the earth or wear bunches of rags with a belt for those few days it may actually be a good investment to have special reusable period undies that save you money on pads. Just saying, it’s not the worst idea ever and I don’t think the company are being particularly unethical.

  • http://paddypicasso.wordpress.com bwcarey

    they are not offended by the adult desire for porn that children have access to all over the world, i suppose this is just a way for them to pretend they are valid, who could complain about a period!

  • GoneGirl

    Oh, now there are children watching porn?! I gotta here this,. I’ll get my picket sign, binoculars, and blow horn while you tell me who might be guilty.

  • GoneGirl

    *hear this

    I not dume

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