5 Friends You Will Love To Hate

There are certain people that almost everyone befriends from one time to another. These friendships aren’t always pleasant for both sides. Sometimes they last for years. Other times these friendships are not so lucky. Sometimes they are enriching, fun, and help you grow as a person. Other times they feel like a trap you walked into and can’t escape from. Sadly I have come here to talk about the latter. These types of friendships were most likely started by the other person. Things might have seemed good at first, but they turn into a nightmare that you can’t wake up from.

1. The Flaky Friend

This is one of the most frustrated of friends on “the bad friends list”. You make plans with them, you always honor them by keeping your plans, but they never seem to have the time for you. The rare times that they do show up is what keeps you as their friend for now, but that won’t last forever.

2. The Out-Of-Funds Friend

I’m not sure if this one is worst than the last friend I mentioned. They always insist that they can go out today. They’re down for anything. Until it comes to the bill at the restaurant or paying for tickets at the movies. Suddenly they realize that they don’t have enough money. That’s when they turn to you. Not just because you’re their friend, but because you’ll front the money. You always do. I’m not trying to hate on people that are broke. I’ve been broke plenty of times. I’m hating on people that don’t reveal the fact that they are broke until it all depends on you to help them out. You know that you will never see that money again. If you can’t afford to go out, then it might be better to stay in.

3. The Shitty Friend

I think everyone had at least one of these friends when they were in school. The friend that shits on you constantly. It feels playful at first, but then you wonder why they are friends with you. This friendship gets really sad if it finds its way into adulthood. These friends might think it’s all fun and games, but it’s no fun when someone is always belittling you.

4. The Excuses Friend

This one is similar to “The Flaky Friend,” but is just a little different. For instance, they will actually show up more than your flaky friend does. Yet when they don’t, it happens to leave a sour taste in your mouth. Every time that they give you a vague excuse it feels weird. It always feels like the same kind of excuse, yet different enough to not arouse suspicion. This can get frustrating at time. You even wonder if they are trying to use this as a tactic to end the friendship. Sometimes this is the case and others times I end up being overly suspicious of them. Overall it turns out to be a tough situation to read.

5. The Friend Of A Friend

This type of friend is the trickiest of them all. Every once in a while one of your friends will bring one of theirs into your circle. There will be times when they fit in just fine and other times things just turn out a little more awkward than they probably should. If you’re like me, you end up feeling like a third wheel when they are around. Ending up being the quiet one because they happen to pick every topic you know nothing about. It can get even more awkward when you bump by yourself. They always try to act like you two are friends and try to make small talk. You know they mean well, but you’re always glad when that interaction is over.

Those were some of the friendships you might want to stay away from. If you do get involved in one, then there is a good chance it will end messy. Sometimes with long amounts of time without seeing them before it just ends. You might actually be lucky if it ends like that. Instead of an ugly disagreement of some sorts. I’ve come to believe that friendships are more difficult as an adult. Childhood felt so simple. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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