Your Heart Had Destination, My Spirit Had Wanderlust

Acy Varlan
Acy Varlan

“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.”


I never knew we would turn out this way.
I never thought we’d get to this place.
The unknown that’s now known has struck me down right to the core.

I never saw us turning to this.
I don’t recall the right turn we missed.
We’re off map, we’re tired & frustrated by our own tryst.

So let the map go let the wind take away
all the times, all the signs, that lead us here today.
We followed your route as we drove through the night
but I missed all the scenery as you sped on by.

The gaslight’s on, but I see a place
where we can walk. Let’s change up the pace.
Since we don’t know ourselves, maybe some strangers will?

The music’s soft, but I still hear the lines.
A classic verse written in time:
“Where tomorrow is maybe so today slowly fading is fine.”

So let the map go, let the plan go astray.
With no sense of direction, who’d it help anyway?
I beg for a detour, you won’t take the time.
We’re headed for breakdown & you don’t seem to mind.

Look, it may not be direct
or short
or concise –
this isn’t a racetrack. This journey’s my life.
I may be off-course, I may even be lost.
But can I toll some time please, how much would that cost??

So let the map go, who cares what they say…
is it really the right course if myself I betray?
Save me your judgment, we all make our choice
among unknown destination or losing your voice.

I never knew the freedom I’d taste
as I watched you driving away.
‘Cuz your way’s the highway & mine’s a winding road.

I never saw this off-path before.
I think I’ll take some time to explore.
Yes, tomorrow’s a maybe so I’ll embrace today for sure.

I don’t need your map, my heart will find its way.
With faith as my compass I know I’ll be okay.
It may be your road, it sure as hell isn’t mine.
Still, I have a feeling I’ll find my way fine.

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