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What the Houses in Your Birth Chart Mean (2021)

Astrology can tell you a lot about who you are as a person and what your future could look like. However, most people only know their sun sign. They aren’t informed about the rest of their birth chart. They might not have even heard about houses before. If you want to learn more about yourself, here is everything you need to know about the 6th house astrology!

What are the houses in astrology and what do they mean?

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Your astrological signs are based on your birth time — and so are your houses. When you were born, the planets were in specific signs and houses. When planets visit a house in astrology, they light up that part of your birth chart. This energizes the traits associated with that particular house. Astrologers will look at your houses to determine details about your current life and your best course of action moving forward. It will give you a roadmap for your past, present, and future.

How to see the houses on the astrology chart:

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If you’re interested in learning about your houses, you can enter your information into an astrological website. All you need to know is your birthdate, birth time, and birth location. Then you will see your houses, which are comprised of a 360-degree wheel. This wheel is divided into twelve equal sections, which each represent a different house.

Remember, the houses rotate every twenty-four hours. Each house represents two hours of the sun’s movement each day. This is why you need the exact time of your birth to create an accurate birth chart.

Interpreting the houses in your birth chart:

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Before you take a look at the houses in your birth chart, you need to find your ascendant. This is located on the furthest left point of the central horizon line. It reveals which zodiac sign was emerging from the eastern horizon when you were born.

The ascendant also reveals your chart’s ruling planet. This is important because it’s what you’re going to use as your anchor while you read your chart. Keep in mind, birth charts are read counter-clockwise. The ascendant’s horizontal line delineates the First House. The twelfth house borders the Ascendant to the north.

When you read your birth chart, you might notice planets in each of your houses. If there isn’t a planet in a certain house, it isn’t a negative thing. It’s only natural because celestial bodies tend to stay close together. However, if there is a planet in a house, it reveals important information.

What happens when planets enter a house in astrology?

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In order to interpret your birth chart, you need to pay attention to the planets. Remember, each planet has a different function. When they visit (transit) a house, it can tell you a lot. However, your interpretation should take the sign and house into consideration as well. The equation should look like this: Planet + Sign + House = Interpretation.

Here is a rundown of the planets and their associations:

Mercury is a messenger. It represents the mind, intellect, language, and communication.

Venus is a matchmaker. It represents attraction, love, relationships, and art.

Mars is a warrior. It symbolizes aggression, desire, passion, courage, and competition.

Jupiter symbolizes luck, growth, optimism, and understanding.

Saturn represents structure, law, discipline, ambition, and responsibility.

Uranus symbolizes eccentricity, unpredictability, and rebellion.

Neptune represents dreams, intuition, and imagination.

Pluto symbolizes power, death, rebirth, and transformation.

The sun symbolizes ego, stamina, and vitality.

The moon represents emotions, instincts, habits, and moods.

Each Astrology House

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There are twelve different houses in your birth chart. They will each offer insight on your personality and how you interact with the world around you. Each house is associated with a different sign, which means you will experience each of their traits at some point.

1st House – Self

The First House corresponds with Aries energy. It defines your physical body and appearance. The planet in the first house will have a strong influence on your life. This house might represent your goals, ideas, and projects.

2nd House – Possessions

The Second House corresponds with Taurus energy. It represents material possessions and personal finances. The second house covers money as well as emotions that affect us even more than our wealth does.

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3rd House – Communication

The Third House corresponds with Gemini energy. It represents communication and expression. This house can reveal important information about our social network.

4th House – Home and Family

The Fourth House corresponds with Cancer energy. It represents the home and family life. This house can tell you about your relationship with maternal figures and your view on domesticity. It will also tell you how you act in your relationships with family members, friends, and pets.

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5th House – Pleasure

The Fifth House corresponds with Leo energy. It represents creativity and romance. It can tell you about your confidence, what makes you feel good about yourself, and your favorite type of artistic expression.

6th House Astrology – Health

The Sixth House corresponds with Virgo energy. It represents health and wellness. Anyone with natal planets in this zone enjoys structure, time management, and organization. This house can help you determine your daily routine and form healthy habits. The sixth house is ruled by the planet Mercury.

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7th House – Partnership

The Seventh House corresponds with Libra energy. It symbolizes the home and relationships. This house also rules Venus. Anyone with a natal planet in this house focuses on relationships. This house can help you secure bonds and close deals and contracts. 

8th House – Sex, Death, and Transformation 

The Eighth House corresponds with Scorpio energy. It represents sex, death, and transformation. Anyone with a natal planet in this house obsesses over the occult. They have intense romances and give into their temptations. This house can help you understand how to adapt and be flexible. 

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9th House – Philosophy

The Ninth House corresponds with Sagittarius energy. It symbolizes travel and education. If you have a natal planet in this house, you are extremely curious and love to learn. You also enjoy traveling around the world and want to see new places. This house encourages you to stay open-minded and continue learning.

10th House – Social Status

The Tenth House corresponds with Capricorn energy. It represents your public image, achievements, and work environment. If you have natal planets in this house, you are ambitious and care deeply about your workplace. You put a lot of effort into your career.

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11th House – Friendship

The Eleventh House corresponds with Aquarius energy. It represents humanitarian pursuits and overall joy. This house encourages us to keep a support system and come up with revolutionary ideas.

12th House – Unconscious

The Twelfth House corresponds with Pisces energy. It is commonly called the unseen realm of sorrow, shadow, and invisible enemies. The 12th house is associated with self undoing. It can be destructive. The 12th house rules dreams, emotions, and deep secrets. Anyone with planets in this house is intuitive and empathetic. They might even have some psychic abilities. Overall, the 12th house can be seen as a good or a bad thing.

More about the 6th House: 

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Here is some more information on what the 6th house represents in astrology:

The 6th House rules healing, health, and hygiene. It deals with the recovery of the mind, body, and soul. The 6th House is also associated with discipline and daily routines. It can encourage you to stick to a schedule so you can increase your productivity throughout the week.

Pets are also associated with the 6th House because they provide lifelong companionship. The presence of animals can change a person’s overall energy. It can bring you a sense of joy and happiness. When you’re reading your birth chart, make sure you pay attention to the planets in your sixth house. They can tell you a lot about who you are as a person.

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